1. R

    Can a Pi enable me to do this remotely?

    Hi Team. Looking for your suggestions on how to accomplish something, if it is even possible! I would like to run a Pi at my cousin's house where the reception is much better than at mine. With 3 or 4 SDRs installed on the Pi (could be a mix of Airspy units, RTL-SDR v3),I would want to be...
  2. S

    How to add SLR5500 repeater to PRTG

    Hi Everybody! We are using SLR5500 repeaters, and we are looking for a way to add the SLR500 device to PRTG monitoring software. Does the SLR5500 repeater support SNMP protocol? and how it would be possible to achieve this task? Thank you!
  3. S

    How to monitor a conventional site (SLR5500 repeater) with RDAC software remotely

    Hello everybody! I've been testing the RDAC monitoring software with our SLR5500 repeater; connecting the repeater directly to my PC via the programming cable has no problems and I can add it (local mode) in the software and monitor it as expected, but I'm looking for a way to monitor it...
  4. D

    Remote Speaker Mic 4 Uniden?

    Hi, I have the Uniden GMR5089 and I’m trying to find a compatible Remote Speaker Mic. Any advice?
  5. ghg

    remote unattended programming / operation of late model Uniden scanners

    We have several Uniden scanners in remote unattended operation, mostly to gather audio for INDOT and the Purdue Traffic Lab. Starting with the BCD-996P2, we noticed that the scanner control port is now a plain USB port that emulates a serial port to the scanner. Prev models had a "real" serial...
  6. S

    Setting Up MC1000 Deskset Remotes

    So, recently the wiring for our station's MC1000's was botched. They now do not transmit. Does anyone have an installation guide or even a basic pinout of the wires for the remotes?
  7. zacabo

    XTL5000 High Power w/ W3 Control Head

    I recently purchased a headless XTL 5000 high power. I changed the control head from an 05 to a W3 HHCH. The W3 will allow me to change the channel and volume. When I key up the radio it will transmit the MDC info but the microphone doesn't seem to pick up any sound. I have searched the forums...
  8. A

    Spectra Remote Cable

    Hello everyone. Im trying to remote mount my older Spectra radio and im having trouble finding the right cable. Its an older radio (model no. DA4KM+067W) but from what ive been able to find it is remote-able. Ive tried to find cables but the only ones i can find have the DB15 connector...
  9. S

    BCD536HP: Couch Potato IR Remote Control

    I saw another posting on this Uniden forum where a user created an infrared remote control for his BCD536HP scanner. I thought that was a cool idea so I built my own. I posted a video of the design on Youtube if you are interested: This little hacker project is...
  10. C

    Seeking specs for Orion UHF D2UHG7

    I been searching the web for what the channel capacity the Orion D2UHG7 remote head system is capable of? I asked the seller and he tells me 16 channels, I know that can't be for a late-ish model Orion. Anyone be able to fill in the blanks for me? Thanks!
  11. M

    Transfering a database to remote scanners

    I work with three scanners. At home, I am running a bcd996t on ProScan software. I have finally configured the database to just were I like it. Now I want to transfer that database and configuration to the scanners I listen to at work. At work I monitor a bcd996xt and bcd996t. Both scanners...
  12. S

    Beta Testers Required for new iOS app (listen, monitor, program and more)

    Hello all, We are currently looking for a few good beta testers to help give our new iOS app a good run through it's paces. This new app, scan-streamer, enables users to stream not only live audio, but real-time scanner display info (talkgroups/banks, channels, tags, etc). Users of...
  13. O

    BCD536 Remote listening

    Remote listening This might be a dumb question but everything I have read talks about the ability to listen remotely to your scanner using a smart phone or tablet. So I am wondering if I will be able to access my scanner from my work computer (desktop) without having to install any software on...
  14. I

    TK-890 remote won't power up unless I put ground to control head Pin 3

    Just inherited half a dozen high power TK-890 remote single band single head radios with KCH11 heads to manage for our local ham group. Applying power to the input lead had no effect. On the 9 pin drawer side of the radio there were two wires coming off of it: Pins 2 & 3 spliced together...
  15. M

    If money were no object???

    I need to place my 996xt at a remote location that is in a better location to receive signals. I also need to control the scanner, I need to record audio, and need to be able to erase those audio files from my home location to prevent my remote hard drive from becoming filled up. I also need to...
  16. M

    Remote Speaker indicatior

    I have a mobile/scanner rack with 4 different scanners w/external speakers would like to put a different colored LED in each speaker enclosure to identify the scanner that the audio was comming from. Anybody have a small circuirt design that would do the job? The external speakers at not...
  17. R

    Remote Speaker for Scanner - Jeep Liberty

    For the small portable scanner that I keep in my Jeep Liberty I wanted to mount a remote speaker closer to my ears. After thinking about if for a while I found a location and made a little clip mount. As per usual here's a little video of the build and mounting. Remote Speaker for Scanner -...
  18. w2xq

    Philadelphia remote broadcast frequencies

    Years ago I liked to listen to the chatter of TV news crews and traffic patrols, but my 450-451 and 455-456 Mhz list is badly out of date. Obviously a lot of the comms have gone to cell phones but I did hear a KYW3 helicopter while it was taping video of a fire near my Pinelands location. If you...
  19. K

    News and Feed Alerts

    Is it possible with the API to remotely update the News and Feed Alerts? I listen a lot on my Blackberry, and it would be nice to be able to submit the News/Alert information via SMS, email, web app, etc. Anyone doing this? Is it possible? kd8jhc
  20. A

    Motorola Spectra HELP!!

    I have a trunking Spectra trunk mount that I just received and I am trying to wipe out the old frequencies and system that it came with. I know a little about these but obviously not enough because I can remove the conv. modes but the trunking system, well I just cant figure out how to get rid...