1. xantegh

    BCT15X: BCT15X Back Serial Port

    Gents, I do understand that the port in the back of the BCT15X cannot be used to update the firmware, but I have read as well that this RS232 port can be at least used for logging using the available softwares such as FreeScan or proScan, which is my intention. If my understanding is correct...
  2. C

    Freescan: Windows 10 Setup

    Can some one please explain the setup needed to get my BCT15X to communicate with Freescanin Windows 10 using the cable that comes with the scanner? I have a RS232 port on my computer. Any special driver needed? Do you need to setup a virtual com port? Please help, this is getting frustrating.
  3. S

    Alinco DJ-X2000 problems connecting to PC via RS232

    Hi, first time poster so be gentle, I have owned this scanner for a couple of years and never had any luck connecting it to a PC. I assumed it was something to do with it not liking RS232-USB adaptors or the ERW7 USB cable. I recently got a toughbook, which is graced with an RS232 port so i...
  4. M

    BCT8 software problems(ARC8)

    I just updated the firmware fine, and would like to try to use Arc8 to program some Alpha tags and such. My problem is whenever I try to send or read the data from the scanner, it says Data 34 Reading trunk type failed. I have the scanner set to remote mode yet it still is not working I have...
  5. H

    BCD966XT RS232 Rear Port Issues

    Howdy, I got myself stumped. I have a new BCD966XT, all programmed and ready to go. When installing it in my truck I thought it would be good to have computer control at all times with hidden wires. I purchased a rs232 cable and connected to rear of scanner and to a Panasonic CF-WEB301 docking...