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  1. mcjones2013

    California State Fair 2019

    I have not yet been to the fairgrounds this year to do any on-site scanning, but I can confirm for law enforcement that they have a patch set up between the following channels: EXPO 1 - 855.71250 - 167.9 PL CALAW1 - 154.920 - 156.7 PL CALAW4 - 460.0250 - 156.7 PL The CALAW1 and CALAW4 are very...
  2. CopperWhopper67

    SRRCS SmartZone vs SRRCS P25

    I live near Sacramento and am frequently listening to both the Sacramento Regional Radio Communications Type II SmartZone System, and the P25 System I hear plenty of traffic on the Sheriff Talkgroups (among others) on both systems. There are distinct differences between the two systems: P25...
  3. C

    What antennas are others in our area using?

    So I just purchased my first base scanner antenna(a Centerfire tri-band 150/450/800 ground plane). Mainly because I was having issues receiving the Placer P25 system from my location about a half mile north of Roseville PD. I actually setup my Larsen tri-band mag mount, basically another...
  4. kf6olc

    I'm Confused?

    I have the Radio Shack Pro 668 handheld scanner. I want to program Law enforcement,Fire,EMS & Sheriffs of Sacramento County in my scanner. Sacramento County uses a combination of Motorola Type II SmartZone & Project 25 Phase I from reading RR. Do I enter both types systems & frequencies or do I...
  5. mcjones2013

    Arden Fair Mall - MotoTRBO System

    Here is what I have found, mapped, and submitted to the RR database: Also, doesn't appear they're properly licensed for MotoTRBO, but I may be incorrect in that. Arden Fair Mall - MotoTRBO Capacity Plus One Site System Don't know the callsign, WPZY379 is licensed to Arden Fair Mall and...
  6. mcjones2013

    Sacramento County Fire Map Pages

    Does anyone know what map book and/or software Sacramento county & city fire agencies dispatched by Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Dispatch Center (SRFECC) use? I assumed it would be Thomas Guide since many other agencies use that but the pages don't match up to what is dispatched. Is this a...
  7. mcjones2013

    Elk Grove "Gate" channel?

    Anyone know what Elk Grove detectives are referring to as the "Gate" channel? If you know, PM me (if you don't want it posted here). They said "let's try the gate channel" and then another unit said "okay switching", so I'm assuming it's a radio channel of some sort, but I could be wrong. I...
  8. mcjones2013

    Paladin Private Security

    Has anyone ever seen Paladin Security talking on any frequency or system locally? Or are they on Nextel (or whatever it's called these days)?
  9. mcjones2013

    173.45 $167 Encrypted Downtown Sacramento

    At around 3:10pm today I was scanning the Federal VHF and UHF ranges (1/27/2015) and I received and am still receiving encrypted traffic on 173.4500 with a NAC of $167. Based on that NAC I'm going to assume it's FBI traffic of some sort, but I could be wrong. I'll keep on monitoring it and see...
  10. mcjones2013

    REACH helicopter base opens for medical flights at Mather Airport

    Santa Rosa-based REACH Air Medical Services is now operating out of a new base at Mather Airport, the company announced Tuesday. REACH in July said it would move to Mather by October pending negotiations with the airport. Setting up the base took longer than expected. The company's new $7...
  11. Bruce42

    160.935 Inversion Scrambler?

    I am copying somebody using AAR Channel 55 160.935 with an 186.2 Hz tone from here in Downtown Sacramento. The nearest license is Richmond Pacific RR in Richmond. ULS only show Richmond and LA/San Diego licenses. Any ideas? I do not have the descrambler to hear the actual traffic. B.......
  12. mcjones2013

    CHP Air-71 and Air-37 in Sac today

    Does anyone know why CHP Air-71 and Air-37 were in/around Sacramento today/tonight? Head Air-71 in the mid-afternoon contacting Sac on the CHP-Black saying trouble contacting Chico on the CHP-Brown, staying on the Black, then saying they would be turning back and heading to Executive for fuel...
  13. E

    Sacramento FD Traffic

    Anyone here know if Sac recently upgraded any repeater sites or other radio equipment? Tonight, I've been picking up a few of their transmissions, yet I live in the SF Bay Area. One of their frequencies does match one I have programed into my radio but the PLL tones are completely different.
  14. mkewman

    Sacramento P25 system

    Picking up a Digital Control Channel on 853.9625 here in midtown with about 1 signal bar. My 396T is showing a the system ID as "05f2h-0111" It's listed in the DB as a alternate for site 1 of SRRCS and is licensed to the City of Sacramento. No traffic showing yet, but it's early. UPDATE...
  15. Sac916

    Lyons Security Patrol

    I've searched all over but I can't find them. The truck that patrols my area has a 800/900MHz antenna and their website says they utilize two-way radio radios. Lyons Security Services,Inc :: Always on Target :: Home Page I'm hoping they're not on one of the unidentified TRS Sacramento...
  16. Sac916

    City of Isleton

    From SacSheriff.com On Saturday, September 1, 2012, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department will begin providing contractual law enforcement services to the City of Isleton. The scope of the law enforcement services shall be provided at a level commensurate with those services being...
  17. A

    Sacramento SRRCS system down

    The Scramento fire trunking system as I know it, went down last night, any clues to what happened?
  18. D

    Urgent Activity at Sac Metro (SMF)

    Sounds like a breaking security event at SMF. They have called everyone in from off-duty and activated the DOC. Terminal A They have open doors to the tarmac. AIROPS talkgroup
  19. M

    SSD District Changes?

    I was checking SSD's online crime mapping program, and I entered my address (My general area is Elk-Grove Florin Road & Calvine Road), and the district coming up is 6, when it used to say district 7. Has the department changed its districts? Or is this just an error in the program?
  20. M

    SSD Beat Map

    Does anyone have a SSD Beat Map like in a PDF or some other format? If so I would like a copy of one. Please post! Or PM me! It would be greatly appreciated!