1. K

    No Audio OP25 (boatbod) Raspberry Pi

    Hi everyone, I've been using the boatbod version of OP25's to listen to Seattle's PSERN with no major issues for some time but wanted to see if I could improve the performance by adding a second SDR and moving up to However, I am not hearing any audio and the decode rate has...
  2. mcmudshark

    ARCXT: ARCPRO software/ P25 phase ll

    Hey all I just purchased a BCD996P2 along with ARC pro software. I’m in Auburn Wa trying to get PSERN loaded which they are in the middle of migrating to. Is the new P25 system one frequency trunk or standard? Do I select all sites and frequencies or just the one closest to me? Also with the ARC...
  3. D

    Requesting HELP for Downtown Seattle Fed Mystery

    If anyone that works (or lives) in the downtown Seattle area then please help me figure out who is on 410.9 Mhz. The problem is that you'll need some old fashioned DF'ing to help with this one since it's DMR and encrypted with RAS. It seemed to start in April 2021. It was very quiet after the...
  4. L

    SDS100 learnings and questions

    Hi team, long time listener, first time caller,etc. Based in Seattle and primarily monitoring public safety in the city limits, previously with a Uniden analog trunk tracker. Bought an SDS100 recently to add WSP and hopefully overcome some issues in town. A few notes. 1. The default of 400...
  5. F

    Need Help w Kirkland Fire & Police Freq

    Hey there. I'm totally new but working hard to learn. I currently own a BAOFENG UV-5R+Plus and need help finding and adding the frequencies for: Kirkland, WA - Fire Kirkland, WA - Police I saw something a "T _ _ _ _ _ " but I only see where I can program 6 digits. Please help. Thanks!
  6. J

    Frequency for Seattle Women's March Jan 20 2018

    I want to monitor the radio comments during the Jan 20 2018 Seattle Women's March that starts around 10am at Cal Anderson park, and goes through Seattle downtown to Seattle center over the next 3-4 hrs. Does anybody know the primary discussion frequency, and whether any club has an event...
  7. V

    Pro-106: Just got back up and running again, having an issue where signal lock, but no audio

    Hi everyone, So I just got back into my Pro-106 got it all updated and uploaded what I wanted with Win500. So I'm trying to monitor some areas in King County, Washington Renton and Tukwila Seattle Bellevue and Newcastle So I see it scanning and I have led colors assigned to areas, and...
  8. T

    Not receiving some transmissions for Seattle Fire

    The problem I'm seeing is that I miss some transmissions on particular talkgroups - I notice this most often on Seattle Fire's primary talkgroup 1648. I have a BCT8 and have re-banded it and programmed it from scratch using ScanControl v7.1.0 and the latest frequencies for the Seattle...
  9. jtech48

    University Of Washington PD

    I'm visiting Seattle for a week and brought along my HomePatrol to monitor so far I can pick up everything fine, except when im looking at the database, im missing the talkgroup for University Of Washington Police TG 9232, 9296, and 9264. I have the correct service types selected Law-Dispatch...
  10. martidav

    Data Decode Thresholds - Seattle Pub Saftey

    Good day, I'm seeking a sampling of what folks have for set for their Data Decode Thresholds of the Seattle-KC Pub Safety trunk and it's various sites. Based on my homebase and my travels, my preference is the main Seattle and/or Cap Hill sites, but of course it annoyingly picks up some weaker...
  11. martidav

    Unknown Talkgroup

    Have a RS Pro-107 monitoring Seattle/King Trunk. 3415 21431 popped up and I can't find on this site, nor Based on the dispatcher voice of 3415, I can tell it's Seattle PD. 21431 I'm thinking Bellevue based on voice and numbering. Also, 37043. If you know these, could you...
  12. martidav

    NW Freq. Dir vs.

    I see some site/control freq. discrepancies between this website and the NW Frequency Dir. I'm not sure which source is correct. Obviously trying each frequency is the answer but it's a pain with the RS Pro-107 I was given as a gift (pulling the SD card in and out - making sure it's written to).
  13. B

    Complete Newbie I guess!! Please help.

    I have a Uniden BCT8 trunk tracker scanner and want to load it with Snohomish County Police, Narcotics and any other cool listenings i can find. I have read all about scanning and the manual for the Scanner and have loaded basic codes but I want the trunked undercover stuff. When I look at the...
  14. JosephMorthland

    10-11-2009 Swat

    For last couple of hours there has been a stand off in Ballard, now on TAC 1 but since Swat has been called in, not too much information going on. Does anyone know what Swat freq are? Thanks Joe