1. KevinC

    BCT15: BCT15 (original, not X) wireless control/programming

    Has anyone ever used an Air Console to do wireless programming and/or controlling of a BCT15? I haven't thought this through very much so it's possible it's a completely idiotic idea, if so I'm sure someone will point it out (and others will point it out again and again :rolleyes:).
  2. T

    Better Audio Quality with Unitrunker

    Hello I've configured Unitrunker with Trunking Recorder going to Broadcastify. Everything is working great, as you can see here... The issue I have is the audio quality out of Unitrunker has popping in the audio. What's odd is SDR sharp does not have...
  3. E

    Barix Instreamer with BCD536HP

    Does anyone have any info/documentation of how to use the Barix Instreamer serial with BCD536HP to pass tag information?
  4. L

    problems linking multiPSK through a virtual serial port to google earth.

    i got APRS decoding set up in multipsk with a virtual audio cable from sdr#, and when i select google earth in the APRS menu it opens google earth (its called google earth pro now) and shows waypoints of the stations and paths of the mobile stations, and this works great, but i saw the GPS...
  5. N

    APX 6000 - Test Mode Serial Comm

    I'm trying to read the results of the "Channel Test" inside the "Test Mode" in a PC, from what I understand the device is connected to the USB converter to Serial Communication but I don't know the Serial Comm settings like the baud, parity, etc.. Is there any way to get the input from the...
  6. N

    TRX-1: Serial numbers - Please!

    May be buying a used but good shape TRX-1. Could someone post the serial numbers of a recently purchased TRX-1. The one I am offered is 003271. Appreciate some help, PLEASE Neil Bell, KJ6FBA
  7. RedBase1

    Newbie return scannee from the 2000

    Hi all, New here and looking forward to chatting and getting know everyone , well as many as possible if you understand. My name is Col , from North East England and currently own UBC 3500XLT with a Skyscan indoor antenna. Would like some advice help with couple of minor problems i have been...
  8. radionerd1

    USB Remote control hangs on power cycle

    Recently I deployed a BCD536HP to a remote location feeding Proscan. the serial connection was on the front USB, after a brief interruption to the USB connection; power loss or USB connection, the scanner hangs in the nag screen to select mass storage or serial. This is unacceptable for...
  9. I

    Switching SERIAL to MASS without shut off the scanner?

    Is there a trick to switch or change between SERIAL MODE and MASS STORAGE MODE without shutting off the BCD536HP and then turn on again? I mean using software commands or next updating firmware? Is there a mode to select when you record only one or some TGID, or system, or department. I see...
  10. N

    HP-2 Serial disconnects solved

    I've had the HP-2 for about 60 days. I've been logging hits using Arc Patrol. The HP-2 developed a habit of disconnecting the serial connection at random. Sometimes hours, sometime minutes after connecting. Other times it would not link up at all and Arc Patrol locked up. Windows always detected...
  11. Mtnrider

    Not seeing serial port

    I just got a used laptop and loaded my Relm mobile program and went to check it on my mobile and it wont see the serial port.....Says port working ok. worked on another radio brand i changed same using same port.
  12. F

    Serial to USB converter Suitable for Uniden Bearcat BC346XT?

    Hello all; I plan to purchase a Uniden Bearcat BC346XT, found at the link below, for use in the NYC area. I plan to use Freescan to program it myself, but I was curious to know whether or not the Serial to USB Adapter cable below would be compatible. It seems as if it has the correct chipset...
  13. bReed11091

    Motorola Charger Serial Numbers

    I have a few WPLN4121BR 6 bay chargers and several WPLN4114AR single unit chargers. Do these chargers have serial numbers or am I wasting my time looking for them?
  14. dustinrenz

    BCD296XT with FREESCAN and PROLIFIC Serial adapter Help

    I cannot seem to get freescan to connect. I installed a serial port on my PC and that works fine, but I want to run it off my laptop with the USB to serial adapter and cant seem to get it to work. The baud rates are all the same. I tried different rates, tried different ports. I downloaded and...
  15. car7858

    BCD396XT-Trouble With Serial To USB Cable

    Hello, My name is Carl & I reside in Chesterfield, SE Michigan. I recently purchased a Belkin Serial To USB cable (F5U 409) for my Uniden BCD 396XT scanner. This cable worked fine on my Asus PC, which had Windows XP on it, but when I try to use it on my desktop (E machines with Windows 7) it...
  16. O

    Impossible dream - should be so easy

    Gday, I'm looking for a program like Trunker (the orig. version) with Unitrunker style interface - All I want to do is use a serial port to log Talkgroups, Radio ID's, Affiliations, Emerg Calls, and if possible I-Calls. My desktop pc allows this but have to move to a laptop as the pc has died...
  17. M

    BCT15 rear panel DB9 connector

    I can get the front panel serial port to work with the provided adaptor cable, but when I try the rear serial port with a straight-thru cable the radio is not seen. Do I need a null modem cable? P.46 of the manual is not too clear on this port, and they mention a null modem cable. My straight...