1. fdnyfish

    Proscan Web Server on iOS

    I set up the Web Server in proscan with my SDS100 and I can see the webpage on my PC. I am unable to see the webpage on my iphone that is connected to the same wifi network as my PC. Is this something that should work on my iPhone and iPad via a browser?
  2. UnidenSupport

    Uniden Server Status Update

    Hello again everyone, We are seeing on our end that most of our systems are back up and running. I would encourage anyone that has been in need of our websites or services to go ahead and try and use them. If you run into any issues, please let us know here, or by sending me a private message...
  3. K

    Motorola Discord Server/Chat room(welcomes other brands)

    Hey Radio Reference, I recently created a discord server that focuses on commercial radio products(mainly Motorola). This is a server where you can discuss what you own, get help and if you looking to buy a commercial radio; you can ask questions. For those who do not know what discord is...
  4. SlipNutz15

    Embeded player options

    I have feeds broadcasting to Broadcastify and also a personal server. I have no issues with the Broadcastify side of things but my server is on a dated embeded windows media player and I was looking at other options for embeded player that can work across platforms including mobile users. The...
  5. W

    How to connect to Win500 server over WAN?

    I have successfully setup a Win500 remote control server with TCPMux. I have tried setting up port forwarding through my Verizon FiOS router, but I am still ubable to connect from another computer on a different network to the remote server. I am not using any special firewall software besides...