1. C

    Signal strength bar on SDS scanners?

    I searched but couldn't find an explanation of the signal strength bar. When I'm scanning a P25 county, I'll notice that the signal strenth meter (top right of the screen) will flash off/on even without traffic. I only have one frequency site in the Kerr System group that is active (and that's...
  2. V

    Sunrise, FL Signal Disruption Area

    Hey all, I've noticed there is an area in Sunrise, FL where, without fail, my car's bluetooth is disrupted and cuts out several times momentarily. It has happened in several different makes and models I've been in over the past 2 years. This usually happens when I drive either direction on the...
  3. J

    New to scanners and looking for an antenna to improve reception!

    Hello! I've recently just invested in my first airband scanner (the Uniden UBC75XLT) for me to use when visiting my local airports and it works great and wasn't too expensive, so I'm very happy! I'm also now looking, and I'll be honest I don't know if it's even a possibility, if there is a way...
  4. J

    Cheaper radio with really good s meter?

    Hello, I have the cheapy uv5rs and the kguv8d. Both have crappy s meters. I need a low end radio with a good s meter.. what would you recommend? I was told yaesu has really good meters... Would the yaesu ft65r work? Does it have a good meter? It's $90 prior tax.
  5. A

    Federal Signal Informer

    I am looking into purchasing a used Federal Signal Informer and I've found a programming cable pinout so I plan to build my own. The only problem I am having is finding a place that sells the programming software. Is this something that is no longer available or am I looking in the wrong...
  6. CopperWhopper67

    Good MDC Decoder Software?

    Does anyone know of a good MDC1200 decoder that I could used with either SDR# or on its own? I can't seem to find one. There seems to have been a mobile app for it, but any DL links have since disappeared or rotted away.
  7. B

    HomePatrol Antenna Upgrade

    I have a Uniden Home Patrol in my house and am having difficulty receiving signals from an adjoining county which uses a digital trunked non-encrypted system. I had it professionally programmed and occasionally get signals from multiple agencies but they are choppy and unintelligible. Does...
  8. L

    MTR3000 Reference Sync - Generating a clock for annual calibration on IFR 1200s

    Greetings! I'm maintaining a Motorola MTR3000 Base Station Repeater. I've tested it for with every single troubleshooting available in Motorola detailed and basic service manual. Finally what is left is that i recalibrate it providing a clock reference to its SCM board. Anyway's, i've two...
  9. S

    Problems with hidden channel scan and missed transmissions

    Hello all! I have a question about an XTS5000 and monitoring digital trunked system via the hidden channel method. I have two different systems programmed in here. (I am well versed in the CPS and programming) but for some reason one of the systems works perfectly and receives 100% of the time...
  10. connah

    BCD436HP 'Analyze' Question

    Morning all. I'm relatively new to the forums and I've done my best to search for the answer before posting this. If I've overlooked something, please forgive me and point me in the right direction. I have also checked Mark's Scanner manual, the factory manual, and Google to no avail. On the...
  11. D

    help I want new ideas to pass a medical signal

    I am a dentist that sedates patients. We have multiple safety protocols in place to ensure that they are absolutely without a doubt safe. Sometimes I need to leave the room. A trained assistant is always in the room watching monitors. When I leave the room, I need to hear them breathing the...
  12. D

    Pro-96: Replace Red Screw

    Hi I have been having issues with my pro 96. It first started with not receiving signal. I took my scanner apart and seen that the antenna came unsoldered so I resolder it back together. I still didn't get signal so I started messing with the red screw. turned it on and it started receiving...
  13. K

    What is this signal?

    Ok, so I was tuning around looking for analogue voice signals, and I tuned across this. I've heard it before, but never knew what it was. After looking at sigidwiki, I concluded that it's possibly something to do with railroads. It almost sounds like MDC-1200, but being used as a pager or...
  14. J

    Modifying tecsun R-9012

    So, I'm thinking of getting this little shortwave. And putting it in a small antique cathedral style wooden housing. I would also like to increase it's strength. I'm not sure if this is the right forum area to ask about moving the variable capacitors and potentiometers of the circuit board and...
  15. B

    Transmission stops when car turns on

    I own BaoFeng UV-82C. I am facing strange issue with this device. I stop receiving transmission when I turn on my car or put the car on ACC (battery on). I start receiving the transmission as soon as the battery is turned off. Is this because the car's inbuilt antenna (for music system) is...
  16. T

    Unknown signal on 19 meters

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but thought it was a good place to get some feedback on a strange shortwave signal I came across today on 15480kHz. Maybe 'over the horizon radar'? The bandwidth of this signal was pretty wide at 10kHz so it sounded about the same up on 15485kHz. I was tuning in via...
  17. A

    Signal and/or 10 code for DUI/intoxicated driver

    Does anyone know the signal or 10 code in Indiana for an intoxicated driver or prior DUI?
  18. L

    Signal Delay Question

    Hi, newbie member with newbie question, just wondering: If I am within a small office building listening to the radio (AM or FM) is there a delay in receiving the signal due to the building and surroundings? Or would I receive the signal at the same time as if there was no building? I know the...
  19. B

    Blind signal analysis of satellite transmissions

    Hi folks, I gave a presentation entitled "Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio" at Ruxcon 2011. Part of this covers how one can analyse and demodulate various signals (e.g. those from a satellite) without precise a priori knowledge of modulation/coding parameters. I used a USRP...
  20. T

    Columbus Zoo Signals and Codes

    I was listening to the Columbus Zoo security channel on my scanner and heard "a report of a signal 12". Does anybody know what a signal 12 is? It sounded like a missing child, but I am not sure (that would be strange because it was an hour after closing time). Also, are there any other known...