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    Great Scanner Antenna

    After seeing several here recommend it, I bought a new Diamond RH 77CA antenna for my PRO 164. It came a today and .. my goodness, I'm picking up signals in the northern part of my county, and everything is MUCH, MUCH stronger and louder. Way more powerful than the rubber duck that came with...
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    Need some advice on my antenna/scanner setup

    Hello all, I'm at a stand still on my scanner setup and I'm not sure what I need or should do to get things working at their peak again. I live in a crappy physical location (in a hole) about 7 miles from town, but I have a hill behind my house that I have erected a ~60' tower with a scantenna...
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    Motorola and FM mode Quality

    I have a question about the quality of receiving modes for scanners. When I am listening to my scanner (RadioShack Pro-164), I programmed 5 Motorola frequencies programmed (police) and about 5 FM frequencies (Fire/EMS/State Police) in the same bank. The Motorola frequencies seem to come in...
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    Signal goes in and out

    Hello all. Thanks for taking the timeto read this. Im very new to CB's but have a general knoweledge of how they work. I have a cobra29 wx nw st. I installed and calibrated the SWR per the instructions. I was wondering why some CB transmissions sound like they want to come in really strong but...