skipping transmission

  1. P

    Whistler Skipping Words On Long Conversations

    Can anyone tell me why My Trunked WS1040 setup will do like a skip a word on long conversation, Kind of like a refresh..? Example Medic giving vitals to the ED department while on call or enroute to hospital.. Ant help on what settings I may try would be of great help.. Thanks, John
  2. A

    BCD436HP Reception/ transmission Issue

    Hi all, I have had my BCD436HP for several months now and have noticed missed transmissions as well as not hearing the beginning of transmissions. I live in a pretty wooded area using simulcast in northern RI and typically listen to a P25 trunked system. I notice this issue quite often even...
  3. originalvalleykid

    All "priorities" turned off, still skipping..(UnidenBCD396XT)

    I searched some of the old posts and found that turning off all my priorities with help eliminate most of the skipping in transmissions. I did exactly that and it still skips every two seconds-ish in the transmission, weather I'm scanning or channel is on "hold." I've been putting fresh...