1. RenoHuskerDu

    SMA female to FME male adapters. Too much HT twisting?

    Just about to order a dozen Larsen NMOKHFUDFME cables (NMO roof to FME) for a small fleet of vehicles. We'll be running Kenwood 45watt mobile radios in mgmt trucks (I'll go FME to UHF on those) and workers will plug their 8watt GT3-TP HTs into the antenna cable via SMA female to FME male...
  2. Salvatorejrc

    Adapter Recommendations

    I interchange antennas frequently on my sds100, and I was wondering if there are any adapters that I could put on that will take the damage and wear over time, rather than the scanner itself.
  3. CQ

    BCD436HP: SMA Connect/Disconnect Longevity

    Has anyone used their handheld in a mobile setup where they're removing, disconnecting external antenna and then reconnecting on a daily basis? If so, how long have you been doing it and is there any sign of the SMA connector weakening? I don't have any room for my BCD536HP as I have other...
  4. M

    Motorola APX 8000 External Antenna Adaptor

    Need to attach an external antenna to a Motorola APX 8000 portable. What type of connector is needed between the radio and the coax? SMF? The radio will be used indoors for a temporary gateway, need to run an external antenna outside for range and desensing. Mobile radio not an option. Thanks...
  5. K2RNI

    Alinco: What variety of female SMA is this on my DJ500T?

    I was getting an upgrade from the rubber duck included of the Alinco DJ500T and noticed the SMA threads seem a little longer than the regular SMA female antennas. It would appear to be similar to the Vertex variety of SMA, does anyone know what type it is for sure before I buy the antenna? Also...
  6. gcopter1

    Need help with splitter setup

    I am building my listening post and need help with the setup. I plan to use a splitter to feed 3 scanners. I've seen somewhere a link for a seller, where the cable used to connect from the splitter to the scanners, is one of relative short length. Does someone here knows where I can get these...
  7. yaesumofo

    short flexible SMA antennas and others...

    Hi guys. I am a sound mixer and we use lot of RF in the business. Anyway, I use a brand of wireless called LECTROSONIC. they are arguably the best in the business. I have some that I used to use in a block that is no longer available to us in the 700 MHZ area. I pulled one of the SMA antennas...
  8. Danny37

    Best dualband rubber duck 144/440 antenna for yaesu, kenwood and icom HT

    Give me your brands and model numbers. Links are preferred.