1. R

    Why do I only hear static?

    I am trying to program 451.1625 (CC 8) onto my UV-5R. When I type in 451.162 I only hear static. Please Advise!
  2. F

    Minitor 5 Question

    Hi Everyone. Does being on Wideband in a bank for normal scan make any difference in reception of the channel? It's unchecked on all banks as of now. Ive been getting a lot of static after each transmission too when the carrier drops for just transmissions and not 2 tone pages. Are those...
  3. RC4

    Lincoln 2 plus noise in 2018 Chevy Silverado Z71 Help

    Hello all first time here! So I hope this is the right forum to post this. Ill try to keep this short as possible. I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado Z71 with a president Lincoln 2+. Francis 6foot Hot rod driver side hood fender mount 18' coax RG8x and wired straight to the battery ground as well...
  4. C

    Baofeng Baofeng DM 1801 getting a lot of static

    Hello guys, From the moment I received Baofeng I tried to make it communicate with my Motorola talkabout. I already installed Open Gd. However, even putting it on the correct frequency, with or without CTCSS, baofeng can only transmit to the talkabout, and the audio arrives perfectly on the...
  5. N

    SDS100: Static when streaming

    Anyone have suggestions on how to get rid of static when streaming to a laptop with an SDS100 and audio cable from headphone jack (scanner) to audio in (Primary Sound Capture Device)? It's actually a distinct sound that I guess can best be described as static that I only hear when the device is...
  6. W

    SDS100 Fast Staccato-like Static

    HI, new SDS 100 user, mostly monitoring NYPD (UHF T conventional). reception seems mediocre, in addition there are bouts of staccato"machine gun "sounds which we used to identify as paging systems and which were evidence of a weak front end on the scanner. is it possible that to this scanner is...
  7. 1


    So i am able to pick up certain frequencies with whislter ws1010 but when i go to the ham frequency here all i get is static every so often even with the squalch turn up, so i do not understand what is the issue and how to fix it
  8. F

    Mayfield / Hillcrest Channel 2 Reception

    This is probably taking a shot in the dark, but I've searched and haven't found a similar question... Does anyone else have issues with reception of channel 2 for the Hillcrest region (423.0000)? I am in Mayfield Heights, and only that channel comes in terribly on both my Uniden BCD436hp and...
  9. C

    How to increase my ems portable range

    Hi, i have a kenwood tk272g transceiver that i use on the job, i take call from home which is about 25 miles from base and i have to keep my portable in a window to receive radio traffic and there are also several dead spots between my home and ems base. Does anyone have suggestions on how to...
  10. 5

    Problems with Antenna Setup

    Here's my situation I currently have a D130NJ antenna outside mounted onto the house around 25 feet above the ground. Due to my scanner being on the opposite side of the house I have 100ft of LMR-400 connecting the antenna to the scanner. I listen primarily to frequencies in the range of 120mhz...
  11. D


    I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same results as me when listening to Smithfield. When listening to fire/pd, I usually have a good amount of static drowning out the words. I don't have this issue with any other departments, and I can hear Woonsocket, Johnston, Cranston loud and...
  12. J

    BC75XLT Bearcat Static HELP

    My friend purchased a Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT hand-held radio. I read online how to program it and set it up and did so. At first, when there was no transmission, it was silent and then when there was a transmission we heard it clearly. Then all of a sudden, in between transmissions there was...
  13. M

    Kenwood: THF6A poor reception and quality

    Hi Guys. I just got a THF6A. The reception and clarity is a bit disappointing. Is this the norm for this radio? See the video I made: Thanks in advance for your input. Mike
  14. R

    Timing out empty frequencies

    I have a BC346XT. I have programmed it with the frequencies for my area. It scans very well but will often stop at frequencies that sound like just static and no talking. I have to manually hit SCAN to get it to go past these frequencies. Is there a way to time out these channels? I can...
  15. spectr17

    San Bernardino system 6,7,8 issues lately, static, squeals etc

    Anybody else hearing the static and squeals and other noises on SB system 6,7 and 8? I mostly listen to Redlands PD and sheriff in Highland and Yucaipa. I heard a lot of dispatches with static, weird squeals, 10-1s etc. I've even heard several dispatchers ask the mobiles if they are hearing the...
  16. R

    TwoToneDetect always triggers, recording sometimes statis

    Hi, all.... We are running V60 TwoToneDetect. As far as I can tell, it always triggers on all the pages that we have in the system. About half the time, we get perfect recording and emailing of the page audio. The rest of the time, the recording is static only. The failures and...
  17. J

    BC346XTC suddenly doesn't pick up any radio feeds

    My scanner is about a little over a week old now. Today, I just turned the scanner on, but noticed big problems. I am unable to hear radio frequencies. The speaker works because scrolling through settings creates a tone. The scanner picks up frequencies, but only displays a very small static...
  18. J

    Kenwood TK-280 Has Static on EVERY Channel?

    Hey guys, I do SAR in Colorado and I purchased a Kenwood TK-280 2-way radio. I am using an antenna given to me by the generous person who does the radios for our organization. I am picking up static on almost every single channel except for our home channel (155.160) and NOAA...
  19. R

    Uniden 996XT Static Issue

    So i just got my Uniden Bearcat 996XT and i used freeSCAN to program it, Downloaded my counties and uploaded to the scanner, I see my county and the fire dispatch i want to hear, But for some reason i only get static, Not constant, Seems only when someone is talking, Every once in a blue moon i...
  20. N

    Can Someone Help with A Interference Issue?

    I've got this strange issue, well maybe not so strange to hardcore scanners, but to me it's got me puzzled. I know what's causing it but the static is really bad. This happens only when I've got my main cpu on. But it doesn't happen every single time, only some times. I've uploaded an audio...