streaming audio

  1. J

    Motorola APX6000xe Streaming Radios

    Hello all, I just stumbled into this place so I am hopeful someone can help me out. we have a Motorola APX6000xe portable radio that had a hook up at the mic connection with two audio cables running off of it. I stumbled in to this radio gig that system was in place already but apparently it...
  2. Danny37

    How much internet data will be used if you stream?

    planning on setting up a win500 server on my computer and using my phone so I can remotely access my scanner. I was wondering how much internet data would I be using if I ran win500 with uncompressed audio 24/7 (it sounds terrible compressed) Do you think its possible to cap your data running...
  3. xantegh

    Audio cables

    Hi, What is your recommended audio cable to be used between the scanner recording output line (mine is BCT15X) to your streaming server? i'm planning to use a raspberry pi to stream out. so, is there any sound card you recommend that would not introduce noise? i'm aware tho about the 5$ USB...
  4. B

    Just upgraded to Windows 10 and having all kinds of problems

    I just upgraded the OS on my PC to Windows 10. I am using Scannercast to broadcast my feed. I have my scanner plugged into the PC through the line in outlet on the sound card. When I first restarted my PC, I could hear the scanner fed through the PC speakers. I don't want that. Then I found out...
  5. A

    Stream Uptime Monitoring & Transcoder

    Hey all, A couple years ago I posted my streaming audio encoder here (Rocket Broadcaster), and received a bunch of useful feedback on it which helped me improve it. I'm not sure if this is useful to the amateur radio community, but since then, I've greatly improved the metadata support...
  6. jel250

    "St. Joseph County Law Enforcement", best quality stream in the world???

    Damn right it is, I run it! BOOM! lol I wish more people invested in audio hardware/software... :( It's well worth it!!!
  7. K

    New Streaming, Logging and Recording Software

    Hello everyone, I have a new software package available to record and log streaming audio as well as input from a scanner or radio. Right now the software will decode and log MDC-1200 and GE-Star signaling, and will be expanded to log QuickCall-II, FleetSync and Motorola Tactical Public Safety...
  8. S

    BCD536hp wifi and App

    The sales rep and the store owner where I purchased My 536hp discussed with me with some uncertainty two issues why we haven't seen the Wifi streaming and control of the 536hp as was promised and a vertices by uniden. This would require a major firmware and or hardware revision " specifically...
  9. A

    BCD536HP Audio Output Problems

    I am trying to setup a feed but cannot get the audio output on the BCD536HP to work properly. I have tested both audio outputs and have a very annoying whine that comes through the audio. I have posted two sound files that demonstrate the problem. Is there anyone that can post a schematic on...
  10. J

    Distortion on line-in when using A/C adaptor through IMac

    Trying to stream my RS Pro 106 through my iMac. Going from headphone out of scanner to line in of iMac. Works fine when powered by batteries. When powered by A/C adaptor get severe background hum while streaming even when scanner is not on. Even get hum through computer speakers when not...
  11. M

    Echo over IP

    I am getting an echo.. almost a feedback type sound... when I listen to my scanners over IP. I have a bcd996t and bcd996xt each connected to one dell optiplex running windows xp pro sp3. The mono audio cables from each scanner are connected to an adapter that mixes the two audio sources into...
  12. F

    New Streaming Audio Receiver on Mountain, But What Frequency?

    I have access to Pleasants Peak, in the mountains south of Corona. The facility is a shared communications site at 3,885 feet elevation, with almost no receiver noise. See Google Maps location of “33.798514,-117.62303” or go to Pleasants Peak I will be placing one or more streaming audio...
  13. n9fam

    Illinois law will ban audio feeds of Illinois State Public Safety traffic

    Beware. The State of Illinois has a new law in the works that would criminalize posting StarCom21 audio (and possibly even email discussion of same). It is on the fast track. It is House Bill HB5194. Follow the following link to the text. Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for HB5194