streaming scanner feed

  1. Danny37

    How much internet data will be used if you stream?

    planning on setting up a win500 server on my computer and using my phone so I can remotely access my scanner. I was wondering how much internet data would I be using if I ran win500 with uncompressed audio 24/7 (it sounds terrible compressed) Do you think its possible to cap your data running...
  2. jel250

    "St. Joseph County Law Enforcement", best quality stream in the world???

    Damn right it is, I run it! BOOM! lol I wish more people invested in audio hardware/software... :( It's well worth it!!!
  3. F

    Trunking Recorder & VB Cable - Data Channel Noise?

    Hello, I have a dual RTL dongle setup running on Windows 7 with Unitrunker and DSD+ - I have installed Trunking Recorder but am having some trouble getting the streaming to work. I thought I saw a setup post once but I could not find it again :/ - right now for some reason it is recording what...
  4. markn455

    TuneIn - Streaming Law Enforcement & Fire

    For quite some time now you have been able to stream various police, sheriff and fire communications on TuneIn. Recently however, every time you select a feed you receive the error "An error has occurred, please try again." I have searched TuneIn help, Google, and here for any discussion on the...
  5. KD7DDC

    Discord for Interactive Streaming and Chat

    I have set up an Online Scanner Radio Chat server using Discord. The service, first intentioned for gamers provides voice and text chat. Over the past month, more "social" servers have been coming online. This week I set up a server to discuss online scanning and talk about live feeds. Over the...
  6. W

    Scanner recommendation for streaming

    I am looking for recommendations for a scanner to setup streaming of a basic UHF transmission. Any simple scanner should suffice, it just needs to be good for connecting up to a computer for streaming. That is where I am unsure. I would like to get this feed live, but I'm not sure what to...
  7. M

    Win500 web client?

    Does anyone know if there's a web-client version? I have my own webserver and I'd love to have a page to stream instead of making people download the Windows program (and I have people who use Mac only who can't listen). I'm thinking a Java applet would be the easiest thing but before I start...
  8. tateconcepts

    Running ScannerCast as Windows Service for automation

    Has anyone out in the RR community managed to get ScannerCast to run as a Windows service? I think that it's absolutely nuts to be forced to run this single application under a logged on user with no other purpose in mind! I want to have this user logged of so that if something else requires an...
  9. N0GMP

    How do we get away with the violations?

    I recently got involved with a violation of the comm act of 1934 by quoting to someone what i heard on a scanner. How is it that we can normally get away with blowing off that act. The act SEEMS to be pretty straightfoward in that if we hear it, we can't "publish" it or repeat it? If...
  10. M

    i.p. address wont stay put

    The i.p. address on the computer running two scanners on ProScan keeps changing.. forcing me to update the router in order to continue streaming the feeds. I have tried "reserving" the i.p. address on my Netgear login LAN settings. But it, (and addresses of other devices I have tried to...
  11. M

    Scanner Software Screen Saver?

    My old flat screen monitor displays bcd996t and bcd996xt images using ProScan. Is there a way to have each virtual scanner image move around the screen slowly to prevent burning the screen?
  12. M

    Scanner display screen saver

    I'm using an older flat screen monitor that shows two virtual scanner displays (996t and 996xt). (ProScan software on Dell Optiplex running Windows XP SP3 if it matters) Since the monitor is on 24/7, I'm concerned that they will "burn" into the screen. Does anyone know of any screen saver...
  13. M

    Echo over IP

    I am getting an echo.. almost a feedback type sound... when I listen to my scanners over IP. I have a bcd996t and bcd996xt each connected to one dell optiplex running windows xp pro sp3. The mono audio cables from each scanner are connected to an adapter that mixes the two audio sources into...
  14. S

    is it even possible to listen online stream in Forrest County,Mississippi Hattiesburg

    veral weeks to Mississippi Radio Discus find an online streaming method for my area's police/sherrif departments on my Samsung Galaxy S3, Android 4.0.4. I've searched your forums, in (mobile and desktop mode), googled and searched radio sites like Nexus and shoutcast until I'm cross-eyed, and...
  15. Explodinglemur

    Nifty online SDR

    Here's a site with a USRP watching Santa Clara's trunking system: Super Trunking Scanner It's able to record all simultaneous calls on the system and present them for listening. Here's her writeup of getting it working: Super Trunking Scanner: the original idea
  16. devildogusmc4

    Streaming For Mac

    Hi everyone, I had a quick question regarding the streaming software. I have streamed on RR before but that was a while ago. I streamed on a Win Vista/7 but now I just got a nice PowerMac G5 and wanted o know if I can use the stream software on the Mac or is the program only .exe . Thank You! (I...
  17. Bote

    Key West feed for TS Bonnie

    In case Tropical Storm Bonnie decides to skirt along the Keys this weekend I'm plugging my Key West streaming scanner feed for your enjoyment. It gets Key West police and fire, Monroe County sheriff and fire, and the VHF marine channels. Bote's Southernmost Feed Enjoy.
  18. Bote

    Remote storm chasing via Key West feed

    Y'all are welcome to monitor my Key West scanner feed if Tropical Storm Bonnie decides to head that-a-way as she currently appears to want to. It receives Key West police and fire as well as Monroe County sheriff and fire. It also has the marine channels on there, but I can shut off that bank...
  19. rbecker1963

    Streaming Cape May County & State Police

    Hi all, I'm now streaming most of Cape May County including all of the Resort towns, barrier islands and State Police. Southern Cape May County Police, Fire, EMS, and State Police Live Scanner Audio Feed
  20. Bote

    Rocky Mount temp scanner feed

    I stopped in Rocky Mount for the night after the white-knuckle drive down snowbound I-95. Streaming Rocky Mount CSX action until tomorrow morning for your listening pleasure. Not much happening right now at 01:43 in the morning. Enjoy! Bote mp...