1. MarkRegul

    Tetra radio TMO

    Is it possible to use a Tetra radio to listen to someone else's Tetra trunking network? I hear this network through the tetra's plugin RTL-SDR. What are the minimum parameters for this? (Freq, MCC, MNC, GSSI -Is that it?)
  2. B

    Motorola Tetra CM5000 Cleartone DMO repeater

    Hi, I have a Motorola Cleartone CM5000 and I would like to activate the DMO repeater mode on it. This is done with a PIN code entered in a special menu. Motorola does not want to generate a code for me because the device is EoL, so they offer me a new one. These are the example codes for...
  3. F

    how to decode the tetra LIP

    TETRA PDU LIKE THIS RAW DATA '0x009725E25645D900A00' How can I get the longitude and latitude from the data packet, it is best to use C code to describe, thank you in advance.
  4. I


    Users. In the UK, specifically West Midlands, has anyone got a working clear Tetra frequency they want to share? Secondly, are Ambo’s and The Highways Agency clear and if so, where in the band might they be. Looking forward to the replies, forum Police please note, I’m not interested in any...
  5. RadioDitch

    TETRA Control Channel Decoding

    Are there any programs available which can reliably decode TETRA control channel data? There's a couple systems I'd like to work on getting into the database.
  6. K2NEC

    Motorola TETRA

    Questions for all the tetra folks on here. -Are Motorola tetra radios able to transmit in analog conventional or are they strictly trunking? -My understanding is that with a special SIM card the radio allows DMO mode. Is that the case or can any radio be allowed into DMO as long as it's...
  7. A

    (TETRA) Motorola MTP8500EX Faq

    Hello. I'am new in Tetra System,and I recently bought Motorola MTP8500Ex brand new and without battery. I've successfully turn it on with my APX1000 Battery with some cable jumped into connector. Now I wanna ask something with the USB Cable, Why this device shows "Accessory not supported" when...
  8. T

    Scanning in a region where no references exist!

    Pretty much the title says it all , how would one go about scanning when there’s no scanning community that shares findings? Ill walk you through the spectrum and my setup here and if you can chime in on how people managed before RR database existed i would be grateful. Aside from the scattered...
  9. E

    TETRA Broadcast PDUs

    I'm an EE and was looking for some potential open source or similar projects to contribute to. Because the spec is available online and it's got some cool digital aspects, as well as a few systems in my region, I thought I'd take a look at TETRA (maybe osmocom-tetra or something). I do have one...
  10. P

    SDR# TETRA IPv4 network decoding and capturing

    Greetings! Today I am releasing an early version of TETRAMonitor SDR# plugin (property of TSSDR) with packet capturing support. I've been testing it last night and it successfuly decoded over 200KB of IPv4 packets with 96.6% success rate (good IPv4/UDP length, good IPv4/UDP checksum). I can...
  11. T

    SDR# TETRA Demodulator Trunk Tracking Demonstration

    I've been messing around with SDR# TETRA Demodulator plug-in to see what I could come up with in regards to trunk tracking TETRA. I did this as a stop gap until the big players have come up with something. And in true SDR form, here is the setup. I used 2 instances of SDR# (for CC and VC)...
  12. A

    Tetra decoding in DSD+

    Hi, today in my DSD+ FL 2.84 a new line appeared. What's this? it is a sign that in the future a tetra decoding function will be implemented?
  13. A

    Telive windows tetra decoding listen only 1 group per time

    Hello everybody, I installed a few months ago telive on windows (Index of /data/my-tools/wintelive) , there is some method to listen to only one group at a time? many times on some busier repeaters are unable to listen. Thanks Alessandro
  14. H

    System Wide Reports - TETRA

    Is there any reason why "TETRA" is not an option for the nationwide trunked system reports? I could be doing something wrong, but I curious to see all the TETRA systems in use in the United States and there was no easy way to do it. Thanks in advance!
  15. R

    Short 14 millisecond TETRA pulses not consistently detected in SDR Sharp

    Hi everyone, I am using SDRSharp with an Airspy Mini running at 10 MSPS and I am using 64x decimation. I am tuned to 384.250 mHz and am expecting to receive a pulse from a portofone (transceiver) every 4 seconds. I am using an appropriate dipole TETRA antenna (for the frequency of 380.25 mHz)...
  16. I


    Good day gurus. I want to know the exact model of this radio and if it is possible to connect a headset to it. We have a small office and this sucker is too loud. Our set up would be this base radio with possibly a plantronics ptt headset. The problem is that we are clueless as to what hardware...
  17. FedFyrGuy

    .Potomac Spectrum Plans U.S. Nationwide TETRA-Based Public-Safety Network.

    Potomac Spectrum Plans U.S. Nationwide TETRA-Based Public-Safety Network
  18. L

    impossible to run TETRAPOL-kit

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to use and parameterize TETRAPOL-kit? because I lost even with documentation on the Internet and the forum. I'm interested in someone who'd be how to install Regards, landry76560
  19. T

    Terminals with different TEA

    Hello, Is it possible to communicate (talk) with different TEAs in DMO? Like if I have TEA 1 and opposite have TEA 2 terminals. Sure they need to be set same DMO frequency, but is TEA a problem? I believe TEA1 won't work with TEA2 in TMO mode? Using eads radios. If here is someone who is...
  20. T

    tetra DMO GPS DATA transfer (EADS)

    Hello, I´m newbie for tetra setups and need some help (any useful information is welcome!). My example is used by EADS (Cassidian) radios (thr 880i and thr9). Is it possible use DMO talkgroups to transfer data from handheld to handheld or handheld to mobileradio? Data would be each radio GPS...