1. Sheepdog777

    Traveling Ham Mobile Radio - U.S. Repeaters Common Frequencies (2M & 70Cm Bands Only)

    Hello Fellow Hams and Radio Enthisiasts, BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT (BLUF) LINK: Traveling Ham Mobile Radio: U.S. Ham Repeaters Common Frequencies - Google Drive Did you know that there are approximately 18,793 2M & 70CM Band repeaters in the U.S., which use only 1,303 frequencies? Imagine if you...
  2. T

    Going to Washingston DC

    I might be going to down town Washington DC soon and I am thinking about bringing my BCD396xt. (1) From the RadioReference database I can see a lot of different things to listen to, so I am wondering what some good/interesting frequencies might be to listen to. Any suggestions? (2) Are there...
  3. Danny37

    HP-2 or BCD436HP for a travel scanner?

    So I'm in a dilemma, I am a proud owner of the homepatrol-1 for 2 years but with systems migrating to P25 phase 2 across the country, I want to sell my HP-1 and buy either a HP-2 or bCd436HP for my travel needs. Will be mostly monitoring in my hotel room and a little in the car (I like my road...
  4. C138NC

    Road Trip Planning

    Hey all, long time since i posted but I plan on taking a trip either up to the mountains or down to the coast soon but I know everyone is on VIPER but is there any agencies who are using 800mhz analog but is not on a trunking system that i can use my PRO2066 to listen to? Im only listening to...
  5. cpnstubing

    Do you "travel" with your scanner?

    I've had my scanner for a few years and it has occupied a spot on my kitchen counter faithfully. This year, I thought it might be nice to take it on our summer adventure into The western provinces and listen to some of the 'action' along the way. My question is: do those of you that already...
  6. 4


    I was wondering if anyone out here knows of any DXpeditions coming up? I've never been on one, but I've always wanted to go on one. Being that I have nothing going on right now except the prospect of a temp tech job that is not a sure thing, I'm ready to travel.
  7. B

    Traveling with my PSR 500

    I normally prefer to travel by train or sometimes bus but while checking out flights I found a flight from Tampa to San Francisco for only $89.00 and could not pass it up. When I travel I normally take my scanner along for the trip. I have had no problems with taking it on board the trains and...