1. Salvatorejrc

    NJICS Issues

    I'm having troubling scanning channels from NJICS on my sds100. I know this for sure because I have the archives playing on my computer, while the scanner is silent. What could be the issue?
  2. Salvatorejrc

    Sentinel Trouble

    Sentinel has been troublesome recently. I have been trying to program my sds100, and when I upload the lists I create to the unit, either nothing gets transfered over, or only a bit gets written. This doesn't just apply to new favorites lists either, but also settings, and list orders that I...
  3. Deziel0495

    Need help with Ground Loop Isolator

    I purchased a ground loop isolator from Scannermaster (Isolator Cable Male To Male) to try and help with a hum and general background noise on my feed. However, when I plug it in, it silences the feed completely. Even if I turn all my volume levels all the way up, you can barely hear anything...
  4. AricAAA

    Trouble Scanning Bell Fleet Net

    I have been scanning the airwaves in Windsor and Essex County for over 2 years now using a Pro 96. I had programmed all the agencies around me manually and they worked fine, including Bell Fleet Net in the Windsor-Essex area. With regards to Fleet Net Zone 1, while in Windsor, I got OPP, EMS...
  5. C

    Motorola in car problem

    Hello all, first let me start off by saying that I work for Oklahoma State University Parking Enforcement, and we use a Motorola VHF system. We kind of have a problem, we have a Motorola in car radio in one of our Crown Victoria's and we're having some transmission issues. The radio broadcasts...
  6. M

    Weak receive on 996t - help!!!

    I just purchased a used 996t and it has very weak receive. Local freqs that usually show full signal strength only show 1 bar on the s-meter and the receive is scratchy. The attenuator is not turned on. I did a factory memory reset with no help. It will not receive anything with the telescopic...