trunked system

  1. EricRF

    SDS100/SDS200: Motorboating, Thrumming, ummmmm...

    Hi all... a beginner here craving knowledge and enlightenment. But I'll settle for some assistance. When I put a set of headphones on my ears (connected to my SDS100), I'm hearing what I've seen called "thrumming" or "motorboating" sound (to me, "thrumming" seems more accurate) on certain...
  2. K

    BCT15X: Programming a Trunked System on BCT15

    So I am using FreeSCAN on a windows 10 machine, I have a USB to serial cable plugged into the serial port, I've already made a connection with the scanner and programed a conventional system so I know the connection works. I am trying to upload my local P25 system. I have imported it from RR...
  3. chaos12135

    Programming a Trunked system on a Uniden BCD996P2

    I believe this is the correct area to post this at, sorry if it isn't. So I have a Uniden scanner that I was thinking of programming a trunked system to. I don't have too much familiarity working with trunked systems, and I'm not really asking for help to program it either, I have questions...
  4. B

    PSR-800: How to program trunked sytems using EZ scan

    can anyone help me??? I posted in the new york forum but to no avail. I am looking to program the New York State Metro-25 trunked system. Its a P25 system and I can't figure out what else i need to input to hear the transmissions. I don't even hear anything with a wildcard placed in the talk...
  5. mountainrider

    Unknown Talk Group ID's

    Using the HP-1's Trunked System Analyzer and the Current Activity tool, I see some activity with a green font which the help menu describes as Unknown TGID. How can I use this info to help to update the RR DB? I'm located in Boise and so far I have seen these unknown TGID's on Gem State...
  6. S

    Questions on Fequency coverage

    I recently purchased a Uniden Home Patrol scanner and was wondering if I can listen to municipalities that do not automatically come up on the radio's database. Like today, there is an emergency at a school down the road from me in Murrysville, PA and I hear nothing. I found something about...
  7. bbrasmussen

    Bountiful Scanning Guide on Utah Radio Wiki

    If anyone's interested, I posted a guide for scanning the Bountiful area talkgroups on UCAN. It's on the Utah Radio Wiki: Bountiful PS Scanning Guide - UtahRadio Having spent the past few years listening and tweaking, I've found this grouping of the talkgroups seems to work best when scanning...
  8. M

    Why do some talkgroups have X's next to them?

    Why are their certain cities and talkgroups have an X next to them not allowing you to import or listen to them. I am trying to get the Mooresville, NC PD to work.
  9. anonymouse

    Need Help Programming rebanded 800MHz Trunked System

    I am very new to scanners. I received my new BCD396XT handheld just 2 days ago. I have been reading up on it and I am becoming familiar with it. I live in an area where I can receive the following Trunked system: Fayette County GA Trunking System, Fayette County, Georgia - Scanner Frequencies...
  10. R

    No audio on trunkgroup.

    Hi and thanks in advance for any helpful replies. I have a brand new pro-106 and am a new subscriber to RR, have win500 on my computer and imported most of the frequencies for my area (Lincoln/ Pott counties) into my scanner and have an external antenna (discone) on a pole outside. Conventional...
  11. radioscan

    Understanding how Ohio MARCS works

    If you need an understanding of how the "networked" statewide Ohio MARCS system works, please click on the following link: The Basics of Trunking :wink: When programming MARCS make sure to set the system as MOT800/900, not P-25. MARCS is an analog system using digital voice, it is not a...
  12. V

    Pro-106 scanning fine, now won't pick up Fairfax

    I have had a Pro-106 for almost 2 years and up until about a week ago was receiving Fairfax County, Virginia fine. Now, I pick up some other programmed agencies but no Fairfax. I completed the scanner updates and reprogrammed it again with PSRedit and still no Fairfax. The system has not...
  13. K

    BC346XT Programming

    Good Evening, I just bought a Uniden BC346XT, and am wondering a few things in regards to programming it. The Massachusetts State Police primarily use a trunked system (which I have programmed in properly for my area), but they also use low band VHF for car to car and informal communications...
  14. n9fam

    Milwaukee Trunk Systems Questions

    I'll be in Milwaukee Saturday, but have 4 questions. 1. According to RR, there is a US Postal Service TRS, LTR, with only one freq listed (LCR-5, 854.7625). Is this correct? I found an FCC, license, WQCG671, to Joseph Dragotta, but no obvious tie to the USPS. 2. Milwaukee City TRS (Open...
  15. S

    Pro-160 trunk programming problems with ARC160

    I have a pro-160 that I am trying to program using the ARC160 software. The system is UC Santa Cruz (University of California (Santa Cruz) Trunking System, Santa Cruz, California - Scanner Frequencies). I can connect to the RR database and import the system and program the scanner, but it never...
  16. fwfdengine2

    ARMER Question

    Hi, Does anybody know what kind of scanner you would need to get to moniter the Minnesota ARMER system. Does it have to be digital? Any suggestions on witch scanner to get? Also would the Uniden BC246T or the Uniden BC346XT work? Thanks, fwfdengine2