1. Whistler TRX-2 Scanner - DMR - P25 - NXDN

    Whistler TRX-2 Scanner - DMR - P25 - NXDN

    I have a very clean Whistler TRX-2 Scanner still with the plastic still on the faceplate. Includes all original accessories except user manual, that can be downloaded online. In the box Digital Desktop Scanner Antenna AC Adapter USB Cable Remote Head Mounting Bracket Hardwire Kit LAN Cable SD...
  2. Whistler TRX-2 Scanner DMR NXDN P25 Analog

    Whistler TRX-2 Scanner DMR NXDN P25 Analog

    I have a very clean Whistler TRX-2 Scanner still with the plastic still on the faceplate. Includes all original accessories except user manual, that can be downloaded online. In the box Digital Desktop Scanner Antenna AC Adapter USB Cable Remote Head Mounting Bracket Hardwire Kit LAN Cable SD...
  3. gmclam

    How do you program your TRX-1, TRX-2 scanners?

    I highly customize the programming of my scanners. I find EZ Scan to be anything but easy to use. I wonder what everyone else is doing.
  4. D

    TRX-2 DMR Slot Bug?

    I programmed a DMR frequency that I use for amateur simplex into my scanner. I set it up as CC 1 Slot 2 which is how my radios are programmed. I could not receive the transmissions. I changed the Slot to ANY and could receive the transmissions, but the screen of the TRX-2 shows the slot...
  5. CaptMike2

    Recomendations BCD536HP or Whistler TRX-2 Desktop OR SDS100

    So I have been saving my money for a while now and finally have enough saved up to purchase a scanner. After reading through this forum and several websites I have narrowed down my selection to 3 possible scanners. What I really need is pro's and con's about each scanner to make a decision...
  6. B

    TRX-2: New buy problems?

    I bought a TRX-2 last week in the UK, I’m having trouble with the sound on the AM reception it works only when the aircraft is virtually overhead. The sound quality is very poor for anything further away. The squelch on the scan cycle has to be on the MAX or it just picks up static. I have a...
  7. J

    Scanners won't lock onto 851.7375

    Hi All: I have a GRE PSR-600 and Whistler TRX-2. The following issue has been a problem for years so I am not looking for the "wow" answer. These scanners are in different places around the county and they both cannot lock onto 851.7375. The PSR-600 will keep beeping like it is trying to...
  8. K

    TRX-2 Backlight

    1. At present the backlight comes on at "turn on" time, then goes off when the scanner starts functioning in the scan mode, and comes on for only a second or two when the scan stops on a communication. How do I set up the scanner so that the TRX-2 screen backlight is lit at all times when the...
  9. B

    TRX-2: DMR with RAS

    I am having trouble scanning a DMR conventional frequency with RAS. I can hear transmissions perfectly when I do a "Tune Mode Search" and enable DMR on that frequency (No other changes to defaults). If I save that to an object, and monitor that object, I cannot hear anything (Transmissions...
  10. CQ

    Bcd536hp & trx-2

    I’ve owned the Uniden BCD536HP for almost 3 years, purchased the DMR upgrade and enjoying it ever since. I had the RTC issue and finally decided to send it in for repair; it was at their facility for 8 days to include the Thanksgiving holiday and surprised they accepted it after so long. Thank...
  11. CQ

    TRX-2: Paging Intermod

    My new TRX-2 has awful paging intermod on the Ham 2m and 150Mhz band. I've never had this issue with my receivers, other scanners, SDR and even Ham gear. They're all sitting in the same area. Anyone else suffering this issue?
  12. CQ

    TRX-2: Flickering Display

    I have a fairly new TRX-2 set with the display off while scanning and turn on for 10 seconds after a signal, and notice the display flickering (pulses but not turning off). Is this a known issue?
  13. fdnyfish

    TRX-2 Scanner with 1095 Head

    Will a TRX-2 scanner work with a 1095 head? I like the 1095 head because the buttons are larger, but not sure if it will work on a TRX-2. Thanks
  14. N

    TRX-2: Has this TRX-2 problem been resolved yet ?

    I used a TRX-2 for about a year and liked the overall performance. However there was one very frustrating problem when updating the scanner data. This caused the "Waiting for Main" where the internal communication between the main unit and detachable keyboard/display would not function...
  15. AK4FD

    TRX-2: EZ-Scan & listening to Audio recordings

    Is anyone else having an issue when unplugging the SD card from the scanner and plugging it into your laptop, using EZ-Scan to listen to the audio recording files, I would say more than half the time when listening, the recording audio skips every other second, sometimes not being able to make...
  16. AK4FD

    TRX-2 and Clock

    Hello all... Just got my new TRX-2 today, for the most part I understand how to program it using the PC cable. 1 thing I can't figure out is the clock, when you power it down I got the clock to display, but it shows 24-hour time, is there a way to change it to 12-hour time? Thanks! Love this...
  17. Quint-1-29

    Radio ID Needs to be in a scanlist to display???

    Just noticed that I had an RID in another Scanlist, so it didn't display since I had that list turned off. My question and/or wish is RIDs to display no matter what Scanlist you are operating in for that TRS. Another thing while I'm asking for wishes. Why do you need a Delay for a UID/RID when...
  18. Mojaveflyer

    TRX-2: Transferring Files From ARC-600 To The TRX-2

    I'm sure it's been asked but I couldn't find the posting... I just ordered a TRX-2 and I'm wondering how to transfer files I've put together for my PSR-500 / 600 from Butel ARC-600. Any suggestions from the experts on this forum?
  19. B

    TRX-2: Mobile Installation Question

    I am seriously considering getting a trx-2 and have a question. Is it true what I've heard that if you install a whistler trx-2 in a mobile tied to the ignition, that you have to manually power the trx-2 on every time using the power button? That doesn't seem right.
  20. Joseph11


    I'm having a little trouble fully understanding how the DSPLevelAdapt setting works on Whistler's PSR-800 based scanners. The Easier to Read Pro-668/PSR800 Digital Scanner and EZ-Scan/iScan Software Manual states that it "controls how fast the DSP adjusts to varying P25 levels. Lower values...