uniden bcd436hp

  1. emcomm

    Clay County on a Uniden BCD436HP ?

    Hi, Will a Uniden BCD436HP monitor the Clay County system? Looks like it, but before I pull the triggers and make the purchase, just thought I would ask. best regards
  2. firechaser97

    Oklahoma City P25 phase ll simulcast distortion

    Uniden BCD436HP, as a small trip to Oklahoma City last Friday July 3rd 2020, I went in thinking I was going to receive the system well, as in Tulsa Oklahoma, theres a P2 simulcast system I listen to, the broken arrows p2 four site simulcast by L3Harris. the audio is loud and clear on the 436hp...
  3. W

    BCD436HP performance scanning non-RCMP AFRRCS activity?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on how the BCD436HP performs with scanning non-RCMP AFRRCS chatter, particularly Fire and Peace Officers south of Calgary. Is simulcast much of an issue on the system? Recently had a Whistler TRX-1 bite the dust. It was great, but the Uniden handset seems...


    UNIDEN BCD436HP- Excellent condition. Includes rubber antenna, SMA-BNC adapter, belt clip, programming cable. Would prefer local pickup in West Chester PA but will ship USPS or Fedex ground for $25.00. Text 215-391-7699 if interested
  5. B

    Antenna for Uniden BCD436HP

    My Uniden BCD436HP scanner does not pick up signals very well with its stock antenna. I have a magnetic mount Larsen dual band (VHF/UHF) antenna which works very well when connected to the scanner. However I can only use my Larsen antenna when I am in car or at home. I need a portable antenna...
  6. I

    BCD436HP: Priority Scanning?

    Hello everyone Hoping someone can help me here. I just purchased a Uniden BCD436HP and so far I'm LOVING it. I used the easy set up by ZIP Code which added quite a few channels I have no interest in so I have two questions. Is there an easy way to get rid of some of the channels I'm not even...
  7. J

    I bought my Provoice update, now what?

    I finally brought myself to purchasing the Uniden ProVoice upgrade for my BCD436HP scanner. I installed it, and everything seems nice and dandy until I don't know what to do! I am rather new to this radio situation, and this forum has been my main source of information for my questions regarding...
  8. D

    CHP scanning in Silicon Valley / South Bay

    So per my other thread, I'm trying to determine how i should be configuring my new BCD436HP and what i should expect from a reception perspective. It was suggested there that i need to post this here to get additional feedback...
  9. S

    Whats the best "general" scanner? WS1088 or Uniden BCD436HP??

    Hi, I'm new to the "hobby" and was wondering what scanner I should get. I did a little research and saw the Whistler WS1080/1088 and the Uniden BCD436HP look like the go to devices. Are there any other models I should be looking at? I did not see any other options At the moment I'm leaning...
  10. C

    Uniden BCD436HP manually entering a frequency

    Hi All So I have my radio set up to the channels I want from the download (see my previous post May 2014 on how to actually set up favorite list). Now I'd like to add a couple of frequencies I've come across. I tried pressing chan, entering the frequency but the radio didn't accept my...
  11. F

    BCD436HP: Need Help

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my Fire Department frequency I'm living in West Bloomfield, MI. I wanna listen to Fire Department radio, but the problem i have is i can't hear any thing except Dispatch on West Bloomfield Fire frequency, i programmed my uniden BCD436HP and also wouxun dual band. I...
  12. S

    Help Me Plz with setting location for BCD436HP

    I live in Goose Bay , Labrador and I just purchased my first scanner, a Uniden BCD436HP. The postal code search do not recognize this place, so I entered the Long & Lat. Not having any luck with anything becides Coast Guard Radio and a couple CB Hits. Is there anyone in the area that can hep me...