1. FD101

    Hancock County Fiscal Court approves $3.2-mil emergency communications project

    Some changes coming to Hancock County in the next 2-3 years. "Fiscal Court approved a bid of $3.2 million for the Tait Communications equipment, providing a four-channel, six-site, P-25 Phase 2 TDMA digital system, which will allow both cities, the county and Hancock County Schools to...
  2. tweakersmacker

    pro 96 scans when in search mode,but picks up little(update required if its never been done?)

    hello my name is scott the tweakersmacker.im new to this culture but ive always been super curious about it ,thus the new/old pro 96 I picked up for a few dollars. im not sure why when its on search that it doesn't get much reception. could it need some sort of a update from an online source...
  3. R

    TYT MD-UV380 Ideas on future Firmware Updates/ CPS

    Hello, Just bought another DMR radio. The Tyt MD-UV380, dualbander. After my PD-355 and CS750. I was just wondering over a lot of things which could probably be adjusted. bettered in new versions of firmware/ CPS. I use cps 107 and firmware 1705. Questions: 1. I was hoping to bring together...
  4. J

    Sentinel anything Newier??

    ************ Right now... Sentinel only have VERISON 1.07 (revision 05) ************* Is their going to be a new download for the new Sentinel that will do the NXDN 9600 and the 4800? or will this "{ Green Shield } " VERISON 1.07 (revision 05) be auto updated ? (of course with the $60.00)...
  5. R

    RigReference.com site update

    RigReference.com has been collecting specs, images, manuals and other documents related to ham radio equipment for almost 10 years now. We've recently rebuild our site from the ground up to keep up with new security and user-ability standards. The new site works on desktop pc's, tablets and...
  6. I

    Seminole P25 Updates!!

    Below is a list of Talk group hits on a WinRadio G305e between noon on Thursday and up to now Friday night, does anyone know what these unknown talk groups are used for? 0000 – 0000 – Unknown 0008 – 0008 – Unknown 0018 – 0012 – Unknown 1671 – 0687 – Unknown 4109 – 100D - Unknown 5462 – 1556 –...
  7. R

    HP-1: Can't Update

    Not the best at the technical stuff so thanks for checking out my post. Have a HP-1 that I'm trying to update through Sentinel. If I Click "Update Firmware it says I have the current version of Home Patrol which shows 2.05 in the unit. Doesn't show 2.05.3 just 2.05 but the real problem is when I...
  8. Muffin

    New County Submission

    I live in British Columbia, Canada on the West Coast just north of Washington State. While we don't have "counties" here per se, we do have Regional Districts. That being said, however, due to the way the RR database is set up I am happy to use the County system. Can anyone please tell me how...
  9. L

    Talkgroup update

    how do we know which talkgroups have been updated? which numbers etc ? Thanks for any help :)
  10. kc8mln

    Fairfield County Narrowbanding Updates

    Does anyone have any updates on the narrowbanding for the Fairfield County area for the public safety frequencies? ...I know that all VHF & UHF public safety/service has to be narrowbanded, so any updates to the narrowbanding for the Fairfield County area would be appreciated in this thread.
  11. P

    BC396XT question

    I recently purchased a BC396XT and saw online that updates can be downloaded for it. Are the updates worth doing for this or should I not mess with it? Does anyone know a good link to keep up with them if they are needed? Also an easy question, can I use any headphones with this scanner or do...
  12. A

    how to update the firmware

    How can i update the firmware on my vertex vx-800 on my own? I have the programming software but cannot find the firmware update. Anybody know where i could find it? Also what are the pros & cons of updating the firmware of the radio. The most important thing I like most about the VX-800 that...
  13. Robbyboy

    Im Back!

    Hello everyone - You may have noticed ive been a bit low key lately. I was at an intense logistics school for the Marine Corps (2 hrs of homework a nite on average) from the 18th of March thru 9 April. I spent a week "Recovering" on leave (vacation) and am working my way back into the saddle...