Im Back!

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Mar 28, 2004
Richlands, NC
Hello everyone -

You may have noticed ive been a bit low key lately. I was at an intense logistics school for the Marine Corps (2 hrs of homework a nite on average) from the 18th of March thru 9 April. I spent a week "Recovering" on leave (vacation) and am working my way back into the saddle. I just wanted to let everyone know that so you dont think Im ignoring you. I am working on several projects and wanted to touch on them here:

Unstructured content (10 codes, unit assignments, tone freq's station locations etc) are being migrated to the Wiki. Look at the below link for details:

YOU CAN HELP!!! You do not need to be an admin to make this happen. What I will be doing is a straight cut and paste to migrate the data to the Wiki but would love some help. You can move it and than make a submission to the DB letting us admins know its done so that we can delete the unstructured data from the database because this will be going away. Anyone who is familiar with wiki markup (I am but given the volume I need to get it moved) can format and tweak this.

VIPER updates... Yes this is Marshalls domain but I help with site updates since I am nitpicky about location data, etc. I just did a trip to NYC and id'd quite a few Zone 1 systems and will be updating those so look out for those!!

I will also look at the Wilmington system to clean that up (I havent forgotten but have been overwelmed).

If anyone has anything else for me, just shoot me a PM as I should be in the area for a bit now :D


Jan 21, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Good to have you back Brother!
And Robby is right: we are asking everyone to do a little to help get the non-database info moved over to the Wiki.
Need for info on how to do this?
Collaboration project - your help is needed! - The Forums
Mike KA3JJZ has the thread linked above dedicated to just this topic.
After I make it through tomorrow nights Tarheel Scanner/Shortwave Radio Group meeting, I will be jumping in and getting as much done as I can.
Please help out!
Thanks for all you do to help make the best site around!:)
Happy Monitoring!
Marshall KE4ZNR


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Feb 5, 2006
Nashville, NC
Hey Man, It is good to see you are back. Hope evreything went okay at school. Seems like it was a long tough one.


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Jan 10, 2009
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I do want to say :) welcome back

I am soon to be going into the USMC but as many said the economy at this time is not a good time period to go in but i dont care :D

Ill check into this since i have nothing else to do on a sunday night
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