1. SVILLE-TF17

    VCalling10 - VTAC38 programing file information

    Good morning Everyone! I am trying to get my radio program for Vcalling10 - through VTAC38 some how I think i am programing This the wrong way. I am not good at this. I was wondering if somone has the CSV file for this
  2. W

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Not picking up most transmissions on BCD436HP in 22031

    Hi, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm basically trying to replicate Fairfax County Police, Fire and EMS Live Audio Feed to get FRD and PD on the Uniden. I created the favorites list directly from the Sentinel app using the Radio Reference import feature. Here's a link to my favorites list...
  3. B

    Service Authorities in Virginia

    The Virginia Counties database does not contain information for Service Authorities. I am looking for the Bedford Regional Water Authority.
  4. IAFF2498

    My Dad passed away and my Mom gave his original FD scanner. I am trying to restore it,,Help needed

    Regency 10 channel Scanner Crystals Looking for the following Crystals: York County Virginia Fire 154.400 James City County Virginia Fire 154.355 City of Williamsburg Virginia Fire 154.145 City of Poquoson Virginia Fire 154.340 Gloucester Virginia Fire 154.310 New Kent Virginia Fire 155.6175...
  5. W

    Confusion over frequencies in Wiki

    Hi. I'm confused about the frequencies at They are federal frequencies for Virginia, listed in the Wiki but they are not in the RR database. I can't figure out how to get them into my 436 HP using Sentinel, Proscan or anything else. I can get a...
  6. D

    Lynchburg CVRCS P25 upgrade - problems with HP-2

    I have used a Homepatrol 2 for a couple years in Lynchburg and at Smith Mountain Lake (Bedford County). Since the change to P25, I have been unable to hear much on the Central Virginia Radio Communication System. I update the database via Sentinel at least once a week and it appears that...
  7. T

    Police and Fire Fequencies

    I am just starting with the scanners, so am very very new at this. I bought the BaoFeng BF-F8HP and after hours of googling I am so confused. I thought I will be able to listen to police and fire rescue radios but i cannot find a list with frequencies on my area. Maybe I am watching too much TV...
  8. B

    Digital Central Virginia Planning District

    Has the Central Virginia Planning District become digital?
  9. JulietAlphaKilo

    Fairfax County PD Online Feed/Archives

    For the past 24 hours this feed has been offline. There has been a ton of action in my AO during this same time-frame, but go figure the feed archives aren't available because of the downed status. Does anybody know what's going on with it?
  10. J

    Chesapeake PS Motorola System

    Hi all, I have a RS PRO-96. I live in Chesapeake, and am having problems receiving the Chesapeake 800 MHz system on my scanner. It is receiving some transmissions, I do pick up some traffic from FD Dispatch, and occasionally from PD East and West, but it seems to spend a lot of time "hung up"...
  11. W

    Richmond and Chesterfield PD units with "x" behind their number

    I hear some units referred to by their number with an "x" after it. Anyone know what this means? Anyone have a code, signal and unit list for CPD?
  12. T

    Nelson County, VA Police & EMS Go Digital

    On 12-10-14 Nelson County EMS and law enforcement changed to digital narrowband radios. Perhaps added an extra channel or two. Does anyone know if this is standard APCO 25 format digital and what the frequencies are? I am hearing what I think are the digital streams, but they aren't decoding...
  13. Delta

    Programming help/advice Uniden 996XT

    Hello folks, I'm having a very difficult time programming the Uniden 996XT, in fact I'm completely clueless. I have done the best I can with both ARC-XT and Freescan. When I compile everything to send to the scanner everything filed under S0:1 which I assume is the quick key. So it's not...
  14. WeBeCinYa

    Henrico Silence?

    I live in Henrico county and for the past 24 hrs or more my pro-106 hasn't picked up a single word from any of the Police, Fire or EMS channels. Is their system down or did something change? Even the streaming through the iPhone app is silent. Anyone know why?
  15. C

    DHS activity in Roanoke Valley

    I'm picking up activity on DHS freqs in the Roanoke Valley. Mostly dead-key X-mits and relay of weather reports. These are clearly tests. The system could be up and limping in a week or two. If you are capable of monitoring the DHS freqs in this area, please share any info you have. We need to...
  16. Crypto_Sailor

    Radio Shack Pro-163 Help/Advice

    Hello I'm new to the world of police scanners and recently acquired a RS Pro-163 scanner and have been trying to listen to police,fire,emt etc...I purchased ARC300 software for this scanner and a subscription to radio reference in order to download the scanner frequencies for my area (Virginia...
  17. Me-In-Va

    Police zones / precincts

    I have been looking for a map or a listing of how counties (Chesterfield county in particular) are divided up into the different patrol zones. My scanner, Pro-106, has listings such as Zone 1, Zone 2, etc... But is there anywhere that I can get a definitive list of how it is all broken down...
  18. F

    Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania feed not playing

    Hello, the scanner for Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania VA is not playing on any format. Any idea what's going on? City of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Fire and EMS, VSP Division 2 Live Scanner Audio Feed
  19. S

    Fairfax County Police Dept

    Since the storm, I have not seen Fairfax County Police Dept online. Can anyone tell me if they know if and when it will be online again? Thanks so much.
  20. K

    Difficulty receiving APCO 25 transmissions

    I'm from the Hampton roads area and I've been having difficulty receiving some of the digital transmission the state police use on their (stars) radios. I do switch from tower to tower as I'm traveling down to Virginia beach in the morning but it seems like there could be a better way to tweak...