1. C

    Icom IC-R3 Wideband Audio/Video Receiver

    I am selling these Icom IC-R3 scanners @ 250 each OBO you can hear audio and see video on them since the upgrade to digital u can no longer view on air television unless you hook up digital receiver however can be used for FPV drones that operate in the 2.4ghz band and below these are unblocked...
  2. R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    Used in great shape R-Finder B1 4g radio / android cell phone Works as it should Has glass screen protector in place. Comes with phone/radio, battery, antenna, and charger Works on T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, Wal mart phone service ect. Selling to fund other projects $700 shipped to the lower 48...
  3. RFSpace Cloud SDR Wideband Networked SDR

    RFSpace Cloud SDR Wideband Networked SDR

    ***SOLD*** Apparently I can't mark it as such if it is sold to someone outside of RR? Hello, I bought this CloudSDR on 4/6/21. It was either going to be this or reacquiring an Icom IC-R8600 for which I had looked for a good price on for months. As things often happen, once I ordered the...
  4. Alinco DJ-X11T Wideband Receiver

    Alinco DJ-X11T Wideband Receiver

    Selling my DJ-X11 wide band receiver. Excellent condition, Excellent battery life. Comes with all original boxes, parts (drop in charger, wrist strap, back hand strap, antenna), accessories, and manuals. 1 owner. Paypal only. Free shipping
  5. SDRPlay RSPdx Wideband SDR

    SDRPlay RSPdx Wideband SDR

    This SDR had a reasonably brief stay here. I am the original owner. It is in excellent condition and was always used indoors in a non-smoking environment. Includes original box. This does NOT include a USB cable; SDRPlay did not include them. You must provide a standard good quality USB cable...
  6. C

    new RTL-SDR Wideband low noise amplifier

    Wondering if anyone has seen the new RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA product yet? Seems to have been announced on sept 4th. https://www.rtl-sdr.com/tag/low-noise-amplifier/ Specs show: Frequency range of 50 MHz to 4000 MHz Noise figure = 0.6dB @ 900 MHz OIP3 = 39.5 dBm @ 900 MHz P1...
  7. E

    NTi GA3005 Wideband Active Antenna (9 kHz to 3 GHz) Made in Germany

    Hello Any feedback for this antenna anyone? NTi GA3005 Wideband Active It seems to be a very good acquisition for scanners and shortwave equipment (SWL) alike specially for those without the possibility of mounting an external antenna.
  8. C

    Wideband survey on SDRPlay

    Hi, I'm trying to do a wideband survey on my SDRPlay. I was able to do it before with an RTL dongle. I would like to use a better radio but rtl_power only seems to support RTL dongles. Can anyone suggest other software that will do the same task but use any EXTIO-compatible SDR?
  9. E

    New owner, exhausted the search function

    Hi, I have been searching on the uniden forum and others to answer my questions, no luck. I'm looking for a good (discrete, within the vehicle) mobile antenna, wideband 30-1000Mhz. I have had a lot of static while testing the frequencies I put in indoors, even more on the road. Hoping that a...
  10. W

    How do they do wideband VHF Antennas?

    I really hate the short rubber duck antennas for VHF and have always opted for the 2 ft long flex "wire" antennas. I volunteer for CAP that does search and rescue and when you in the middle of noplace and there is no aircraft operating in the area having a good antenna is really nice. *Tried...
  11. J

    Wide or Narrow band (eternal question)

    Hi! I've read a lot about Wide vs Narrow band. But I didn't really understood what is it... I put my handheld to 162.55 (NOAA 7) and I get a louder sound on Narrow. On Wide it's quieter. My understanding of it is that a frequency on 162.55 MHz on narrow band is +/-2.5 KHz (162.5525 MHz) and...
  12. Q

    Narrowband Issue with VX 824

    So I have a few (3) VX 824-G7-5 that are doing some odd things when I program them into narrowband. The radios worked fine in wideband and are part of a larger grouping of radios 45+ all same model. When I program the radios into narrow they tx fine but they do not rx at all, they rx nothing...
  13. T

    Motorola CPS Updates

    For those who are Official Motorola CPS software owners/subscribers and stay up to date on your software, the latest releases of Professional Series (R06.12.08), Commercial Series (R05.17), CP110 (R03.01), CP185 (R02.03), and PR860 (R01.04) will NOT allow you to program ANY frequencies in...
  14. A

    HT1000 for ham

    I was searching for a long time. I am a new ham. I need to know if it is legal to use a wideband HT1000 or any wideband radio for ham frequencies. I know that the fcc says 5-15Khz but I would love to get better use out of my Motorola collection with ham radio instead of just listening to police...
  15. kc8mln

    Is use of narrowband allowed in GMRS or only wide-band

    Ok, I now know that the narrowband requirement does NOT apply to GMRS,...BUT, what I'm asking here is: Q: Is the use of narrowband ALLOWED in the GMRS service, or is ONLY wide-band allowed for use in GMRS? (ie, can I use a radio that is on a GMRS frequency and set for narrowband TX/RX on that...
  16. B

    What Next?

    I use this site all the time, but just now registered. Hello fellow I own a Uniden BC92XLT scanner and while it's great for what it is, I'm looking for something with coverage to fill in the gaps. I am most interested in gov/mil frequencies that my scanner does not have access to. A few...
  17. asd6845

    Need info about Antenna

    After much searching, I could not find anything about this. So here goes the question. What is the gain of the wideband VHF (136-173Mhz) dipole portable antenna vs. the standard heliflex antenna you would normally see on a Motorola radio. I only ask because I came across one for sale and it...