1. L3KDE

    CPS 2.0 Copyable FRS and GMRS Channel Lists / Codeplug Paste

    You can copy the below XML code, then right click in the "Zones" section of CPS 2.0 and click "Paste" and it will create zones for you for FRS and GMRS, respectively. Please note: Do not use this to transmit GMRS or FRS on non-GMRS / FRS licensed radios. Remember, FRS and GMRS are licensed to...
  2. D

    Reordering Zones on Mototrbo CPS 2.0

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to reorder the zones in my codeplug so that they show up a specific way on my XPR7550e. Regardless of what order I put the zones in on CPS, they keep coming up randomly on the radio. Any advice?
  3. T

    XPR XPR7550e programming for DMR Hotspot

    Hi, I recently purchased an XPR7550e off of eBay and I'm trying to get it setup to work with my DMR Hotspot. It is currently running Firmware Version R02.60.05 and Codeplug Version 10.01.14. I'm trying to figure out what version of CPS software I need to get for this radio as well as any tips on...
  4. SOLD SOLD ON QRZ Motorola XPR5550e 403-470mhz DMR $350

    SOLD SOLD ON QRZ Motorola XPR5550e 403-470mhz DMR $350

    SOLD ON QRZ Can't Mark it Sold on RR unless a RR Member Buys it Selling a Motorola XPR5550 403-470 MHz split, DIGITAL DMR, low-power 25 Watts switchable radio. The model number is AAM28QNN9KA1AN and Radio comes with a microphone, mobile bracket with bracket knobs, and full-length DC Cable...
  5. C

    Xpr 7550 analog

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to program analog channels on my xpr7550. I'm using CPS 2.0. When I try to go to the channels section, it only gives me the option for digital in the channel assignment section.
  6. Motorola XPR3300e UHF 403-512mhz MotoTRBO digital radio

    Motorola XPR3300e UHF 403-512mhz MotoTRBO digital radio

    AAH02RDC9VA1AN Battery is rated at 94%. No charger included; get one off of Amazon cheap. Programmed to be on the Frontier Airlines system at DEN. This item was legally acquired from a government entity and you will receive a bill of sale. Unknown password status. Payment accepted via personal...
  7. Motorola XPR 7580e with Impres battery

    Motorola XPR 7580e with Impres battery

    AAH56UCN9RB1AN with Connect Plus Trunking Battery is rated at 72%. No charger included; get one off of Amazon cheap. Programmed to be on the United Airlines system at DEN. This item was legally acquired from a government entity and you will receive a bill of sale. It has a password on it to...
  8. daugherh

    XPR 5550 Double Mounting Bracket

    Hi all. Wondering if anyone out there has any ideas or leads on a dual bracket for the XPR5000 series? I'm limited on space (single cab Toyota Tacoma) for mounting and found a side mount that hooks to the seat bolts like this and was thinking of trying to mount two XPR mobiles on it stacked...
  9. E

    Mototrbo CPS2.0 incompatible codeplug version

    Hi all, I have an XPR 7580 that I'm trying to read the plug from. I currently have CPS 2.0 It's the newest version available to me. The radio's info section reads CP Version 21.10.07. However when I try to read it, I get an error that the firmware versions are not compatible. I...
  10. Z

    XPR VHF Motorola XPR7550e codeplug

    Trying to find a VHF codeplug for the 7550e. I can only find VHF ones. Does anyone have one? Model Number: AAH56JDN9WA1AN
  11. P

    XPR Mototrbo & Wave OnCloud Programming

    I have set up several Mototrbo "E" Radios to work on our Wave system, it seems that there is ZERO information out there from Motorola on how to do this. So I figured I'd share it with everyone Starting in CPS 2.0 General Tab Control Buttons Set one of the programmable buttons to Wave...
  12. MTL_Emergencies

    XPR IP Site Connect programming as conventional channel

    Is it possible to program a single site of an IP site connect system as a conventional channel (only for RX)? I don't have IP Site Connect entitlement on my radio.
  13. C

    XPR5550e channel staying open

    So, I've had an XPR4550 in my truck for a while now, all analog channels (oilfield and logging roads in western Canada). I found a good deal on an XPR5550e, programmed it with all the same channels (drag and drop the channel groups from one codeplug to the other in mototrbo cps), swapped it into...
  14. TNDispatcher

    XPR 7550

    Looking to trade my nice portable for a DMR uhf mobile. Message me with questions or offers. my photos won’t load. 931-996-9266
  15. dennisondenatalie

    Random Radio Stuff...

    Alright folks... I've got a few doozies here. I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive VHF radio. Found an XTS2000 on eBay that I really like, however I'm having some hesitations about pulling the trigger -- As far as programming it, that is. I cannot find the programming software for it anywhere...
  16. dennisondenatalie

    APX APX7000 Oddities and Issues

    I have some questions regarding a new purchase of a used APX7000 UHF R2/7-800 FPP. I purchased the radio to start learning the CPS for that particular radio, and plan on using it for mostly ham stuff, as well as listening to a few local fire departments. Thus far, I've done all the programming...
  17. G

    XPR7550e Out Of Range

    Hello, I'm new to radio maintenance. I have a Motorola XPR 7550e that when it turns out, it flashes "out of range" and has a none stop steady almost like two radios stepping on each other. I also can't change the channels, zones, etc. I tried swapping out the antennas with no luck. I wanted to...
  18. C

    XPR4550 programming woes

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. Picked up an XPR 4550, model number AAM27JQH9LA1AN. Made a programming cable. Using mototrbo cps v16 build 827. I get an error when I try to read the radio. "Error 1057, region not supported". It's my understanding that this radio and this cps...
  19. H

    Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) that works with both APX and XPR radios?

    Does anyone know of a bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) that works with both the APX series of radios as well as the XPR series? I have found Motorola RSMs on eBay and other retailers but there does not appear to be one that works with both. Since they are rather expensive I was hoping to buy a...
  20. H

    APX XPR and APX antenna - Are they interchangeable?

    Does anyone know if the XPR and APX radio antennas are interchangeable with each other? Specifically the APX6000 and the XPR7550e series.