1. H

    APX XPR and APX antenna - Are they interchangeable?

    Does anyone know if the XPR and APX radio antennas are interchangeable with each other? Specifically the APX6000 and the XPR7550e series.
  2. H

    XPR 7750e and Wave OnCloud

    Does the XPR 7550e series of handheld radio support the Motorola Wave OnCloud service? If it does support it how is it done? Does the radio have an LTE modem in it or is it done via WiFi, where the radio must be connected to a WiFi network before Wave OnCloud will work?
  3. Motorola XPR3300 UHF (403-512 mhz) Two Way Radio (6 available)

    Motorola XPR3300 UHF (403-512 mhz) Two Way Radio (6 available)

    For Sale- XPR3300 UHF radios. $150.00 each + shipping ($15.00) Radio, antenna, battery & belt clip only. Tested, all pass basic testing. 6 units available. Bulk discounts available. Price PER radio. I also have a handful of accessories available if interested. *Used batteries carry no warranty...
  4. Motorola XPR7550 UHF complete

    Motorola XPR7550 UHF complete

    11/17/2020 Price drop. 11/6/2020 Going up on eBay next week if nobody on RR wants to buy them. Feel free to make me an offer. 10/23/2020 Dropped price again. My price might be a tad high as I am selling it complete and know its a great device. So ill drop the price a bit today. Your also...
  5. K2NEC

    XPR NNTN8128

    Hey all I recently got a few NNTN8128 batteries with the intention of using them with my XPR7550e. Charged a few up and put them in my radio only to find the "Unknown battery" error. I know that these are meant for the APX1/2/4000 but shouldn't they work with the 7550e too since they use the...
  6. daugherh

    WPLN4219 Question

    Hi all. I have a WPLN4219 6 bay Impress gang charger. I currently have 4 XPR series radios that I charge in it regularly. I also have a CP200D and a couple HT1250s. I found the Impress battery for the HT1250 (HNN4003BR) and was wondering if it would charge successfully in the WPLN4219 gang...
  7. Floridarailfanning

    XPR5550e Rear Audio Input and VOX

    Hi all, I'm attempting to set up a 5550e so that the rear audio, which is coming from a computer, can be used as a hot mic source with VOX. (rear PTT is not needed). I have wired the RX audio to pin 12 (RX Audio) and pin 16 (Ground) and the TX audio to pin 11 (TX Audio) and pin 12 (Audio...
  8. Floridarailfanning

    XPR5550/5550e Control Head Speaker

    Does anyone know what the part number is, or if Motorola even sells, the control head speaker for the XPR5550/5550e mobiles? I need to replace one as its making lots of rattling sounds when the volume is turned up on the radio. It's not an electrical issue or distorted audio, it's clearly a...
  9. Floridarailfanning

    Mototrbo Wireless RSM compatibility

    I've got some questions about the WRSM RLN6562(a). I have been looking at buying one of these for a long time and think I have finally decided to get one but had a few compatibility questions. Is Data Services via Bluetooth HKVN4249 required to use this device with an XPR7550? I know some stuff...
  10. S

    XPR 7350, 7550, 7550e voice announcement issues

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site but I've found a ton of useful information here, so hats off to you guys for being a tremendous wealth of knowledge. I'm hoping someone here can help me with a voice announcement issue. We're running a trunked repeater setup with a mixed bag of handhelds all...
  11. K2NEC

    XPR speaker mic on an APX?

    I am wondering if the XPR speaker mics will work on APX radio's more specifically the PMMN4040. I know it works on the XPR series and I am pretty sure they can work on the APX because they have the same connector and pin layout but I cannot confirm because I don't have either of those. My friend...
  12. K2NEC

    Speaker mic help PMMN4050A

    So today I wanted to test out my Motorola PMMN4050A speaker mic. On Motorola's website it says that this is a noise canceling Impres mic. I went to my local tree lighting and some fire engines were passing sirens wailing. I keyed on an analog repeater and asked for an audio report. The other...
  13. daugherh

    XPR 3500e/7550 Firmware Questions

    Hi all. FIrst off let me say that I am so thankful for all the help I've received in the past and now I'm back with more questions. I've checked for exisiting threads on this topic but if they are there, I didn't find them. I have a XPR7550 with Firmware Ver. R02.06.05.0002 and CP Version...
  14. G

    Motorola XPR 7550 Repeater Programming Issues

    I'm sorry if this has been posted about already but I have had no luck finding it in the search criteria for this particular radio and this issue. To start off, I am posting on behalf of my company, a security company, and we are trying to program our Motorola XPR 7550 radios to work with a...
  15. zacabo

    Motorola XPR 7350

    I recently won two Motorola XPR 7350's in an eBay auction. Upon recieving the radios I found them to both be locked and the seller is of no help. Is there anything I can do? Can someone send me a codeplug for a UHF radio so I can try to clone it? The model is AAH56RDC9KA1AN its version 2.50.05...
  16. G

    XPR-7550e Help

    Hey i got a XPR-7550e and was want to check the power output and was wanting to know if it can just be hooked to a wave meter or is the another type of meter it needs to be hooked to. Thanks
  17. XLC_Comm442

    XPR6580 IS Battery Question

    Can anybody confirm if a normal 6550 battery will work on a CSA 6580 IS? I've heard that it requires a special battery only available in Canada. Thank you.
  18. SamAltenberger

    Motorola XPR 4550 desktop microphone button?

    Hello! I work in the security department at a university campus. We use a MotoTrbo digital VHS trunked radio system for communication with our field officers. Officers in the field use Motorola XPR 6350 radios and I use a Motorola XPR 4550 base-station radio with a Motorola RMN5050 Desktop...
  19. Z

    XPR6580 IS refuses to see programming cable

    I recently got a Motorola XPR-6580 IS (Blue cased Canadian Radio) and it refuses to see the programming cable (Will not beep when attached or show impress accessory on display). I tried my cable on my XPR-6500 and it works fine with that portable (Beeps & shows Impress Accessory). Could the...
  20. Z

    Motorola XPR-7550 LTR

    I've seen from multiple sources that the XPR-7550 comes with LTR trunking built in however it must be activated when purchasing. How do I go about getting LTR enabled if I buy an XPR-7550 aftermarket & how much would it cost. Also, is there a seperate CPS needed to program the LTR trunking info...