9 months as a Ham and trying to stay interested

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Sarah Rose She/Her
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Jun 24, 2012
Geneva, Ohio
I've been in a similar situation and didn't do much with radio for a couple years, getting back into it recently pretty hard.

There are definitely those local repeaters that chat about the same'ol personal stuff that really has no interest to most. They hop on everyday and talk about their health or what event they are going to and that's about it.

There are niche groups that you talk about but you need to know where to look. There are internet linked nodes using things like Allstar that might help you find those sorts of things. Another idea is being the front running and creating these types of groups in your area.

For me I moved to different modes, I enjoy experimentation and the more technical side of things.
I love operating satellite and my mobile station is decked out with SDR gear and 220/900/p25 rigs that let me get on the lesser used modes/bands. It's there that I find the more technical conversations.

Amateur radio is a lot of things for a lot of different people. You have some who just grab a 2m or 70cm radio and hop on the local repeater and you get the guys who work odd modes, lesser used bands and or experiment and build their own equipment.

I've been playing around with Digital Amateur Television in the 5.6 ghz and 1.2 ghz bands using both analog and DVB-S (common satellite mode). Done radio links with AX.25/aprs/etc...

There really is no limit to what can be done within the bands.

At the end of the day it's up to the individual amateur to figure out what they can/want to do with their license and in the case of many experimenters, etc... The local repeaters just won't cut it.
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