Another RMNP Fatality

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Dec 11, 2002
Fatality Near Alberta Falls In Rocky Mountain National Park

A seventy year old man from St. Louis, Missouri, died above Alberta
Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park, today, Thursday, June 12. A
visitor contacted the park via cell phone at 11:05 a.m. and indicated that
a man was unconscious and breathing. A few minutes later another visitor
called to say the man was not breathing and had no pulse. Visitors on
scene initiated CPR. A physician hiking in the area was also with the
victim. A ranger/EMT arrived on scene at 11:40. He inserted an airway,
administered oxygen with a bag valve mask and continued CPR. Shortly
thereafter, another ranger/EMT arrived on scene attached an AED to the
patient, but no shock was advised. At 11:51 two ranger parkmedics arrived
on scene. An advanced airway was successfully placed and cardiac medicines
were administered. After consulting with the park’s medical advisor, a
physician at Estes Park Medical Center, the man was pronounced dead at
12:28. CPR had been conducted on the man for almost an hour and a half.
The victim was approximately 1.5 miles from the Glacier Gorge
Trailhead. He was hiking with his wife. His name will be released after
other family members are notified. The Larimer County Coroner will release
his name and cause of death.
This is the second fatality at Rocky Mountain National Park this week.
A sixty-six year old man from Fort Collins died from a fall near Emerald
Lake on Saturday, June 7.
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