Any rdio-scanner basic setup guide?


Jul 7, 2011
Well, I'm trying to setup rdio-scanner but it seems that something is always "out of alignment". First I got a ton of issues with duplicated calls.
What bugs me the most is why the calls cut out in the middle of transmission? Never managed to figure it out.
Other questions:
I am trying to setup DSD-FME with it, so a default type of dirwatch. But why the hell you have to assign the whole directory to a certain talk group?! So, I have to separate each talk group to a separate directory?! That's insane! On a trunking system with a bunch of TG's that would be a pain in the a$$!
Never managed to get "Mask" working. Tried a bunch of combinations, no metadata is collected from a filename!
Why it does not allow group ID of 0 as this is valid ID?!?!
Duplicate call detection time frame does not seems to work precise enough - I do miss some fast and short responses, no matter the value.
There are some other issues as well but I thing those are the most annoying one and a real deal breaker.
Any thoughts of wisdom would be nice :)
Is there any other software like rdio-scanner that can be used with NXDN?


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Dec 19, 2002
Dallas, TX
rdio-scanner is just an aggregate of the information your tuner software is putting out. For example i use SDRTrunk with some RTL SDR Dongles. That is set up to record audio from a trunked system. From there I use rdio-scanner to give me a user interface to be able to listen to the audio files. I have not used SDS-FME so cant help much.