Audio Issues - Low Volume

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Nov 11, 2017
Chico, CA

Hey everyone. Been running this feed for over a year with no issues, and now I have a big one that I can't solve. I had a user e-mail me and say the volume was very low. After checking the feed myself, it is indeed very quiet. The link above is a direct link to my feed. My setup is:

RPi 3 (WiFi) -> UGreen USB Sound Card > 3.5mm mono to mono > Whistler W1040

So far, I've replaced the USB Sound Device and the 3.5mm cable. I also swapped out the Raspberry Pi devices with my other feed that is working perfectly. Essentially, the only thing I haven't swapped is the scanner. Assuming the problem was the audio jack on the scanner, since it sat on a shelf for a year+ without moving (gravity pulling on the cable), I plugged in a Bluetooth transmitter and put in my ear bud. It damn near blew my eardrum out when there was finally radio chatter. Ouch.

So I've gone onto the RPi, and set alsamixer. The device capture setting for mic is now 100%. Still quiet.

I'm completely out of ideas and I'm willing to try any suggestions you guys have. The ONLY thing that made a difference is at some point when I was screwing with the setup, the feed suddenly buzzed for a half second and was back to a nice loud volume. Five minutes later, it was quiet again.

[EDIT] Yes, the dial on the scanner is all the way up. I turned the volume dial all the way up, and then backed it off about an 1/8th of a turn

Troubleshooting Attempts:
- Jiggled antenna connection: No difference
- JIggled cable at the 1040 jack: No difference
- Jiggled cable at the UGreen device: No difference
- Traded out RPi devices: No difference
- Set alsamixer to 100%: No difference
- Connected W1040 straight to bluetooth headset: Loud as F***
- Replaced UGreen Device: No difference
- Replaced 3.5mm mono-mono cable: No difference
- Tried a different USB Port: No difference
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