BCD536 Few More Question

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Sep 8, 2013
Athens, Tennessee
Question 1: when I use software to enter my favorite folder Tennessee Highway Patrol Dispatch for Knoxville and Chattanooga (two separate frequencies) one odd thing occurs. They are on the Tennessee Advanced Communication system which is a P25. If I only place the Dispatch frequencies in the favorites I don't pick up anything. If I add all of the local towers on the Tennessee Advanced system then I pick them up. Why do I need both? The issue is all the towers have multiple frequencies and it slows down the scanning. How do I decide which ones I can delete. When the scanner stops on the frequency I only see the two dispatch sites, are the other frequencies feeding in the background? It scans through the Tennessee Advanced sites but never stops on them and will not stop on Dispatch channels without them. I have them all assigned to the same quick key in the software.

This is a dumbest question by how do I get the listing about the numbers to function. There has to be a button you push that accesses them. I'm referring to the stenciled items above the keypad numbers.
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