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AR-DV10 Best software for AR-DV10?


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Feb 17, 2016
Devon, UK
I discontinued work on the AR-DV10 version, as mentioned in the above thread. Shame as it was close to completion, including a fully working Band Scope. At the time there were some serious firmware issues which caused the DV-10 to lock up totally, especially anything to do with external control and Memories.

AOR have still NOT fixed those control issues, despite several firmware updates, and they seem in no rush to do so. The main reason I stopped work on the Radio however was down to the analytical work others, and myself had done regarding the frequency stability and drifting. At the time AOR denied this, and in fact have never actually appeared to acknowledge the matter, despite 'attempting' to 'fix' it via firmware. Those particular issues were 'hardware' related, and in my opinion, and of others, could only have been completely put right at component level.

I posted these findings, as did others, and stated I could not recommend the DV-10, so felt I should abandon work on software for it.

A big disappointment to me, not just because of the software, but because I really loved the idea of the DV-10, and wanted one myself. I eventually returned mine to the Dealer.

I have no doubt some will love their AR-DV10's, and good luck to them. However it did not live up to AOR's previous reputation, and for me not being able to rely on the basics of knowing it stayed on the frequency it displayed was just too critical to ignore.

When comparing it side by side with other digital receivers, they were picking up and demodulating signals that the DV10 missed completely. It would pick up strong digital signals, but not other weaker ones. Of course that is what one would expect if a receiver was off frequency re. many digital signals.

Being digital there was no indication of absent signals, as the Radio just remains totally 'mute'. The phrase 'You don't know what you are missing' is pretty apt, unless one had a stable receiver next to it.

The AR-DV1 is stable, and does not suffer from the DV-10's problems.


Jun 8, 2018
Such a shame they ask for close to $1200 for such a bug-ridden radio. At this point I wouldn't pay $120 for it. I'll stick with my DV1
What makes it even worse is that they don't seem to understand their own code and like to deny bugs even exist. They also seem to decide to investigate a bug based on the amount of reports they got about it. And if you report to often or maybe to persistent they will ban your e-mail.