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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
It's been awhile since I walked away from the admin role, but there has been a couple of changes that must be explained - and it directly relates to RR policy

A change was made to remove things like the connect tone, DMR color codes and others from the Infobox TRS template. I have the feeling that this change was made to 'hide sensitive material'. In fact, by RR policy, that data is freely available in the database. The wiki was actually first to support DMR color codes, and if anyone wants to use it, NXDN RANs (which are similar in effect to a color code).. This particular template hits literally hundreds of articles, so changes to something like this should be done with some care.

Another change removed the writeup from the Unknown Talkgroups category. Part of the writeup reminds users that unknown talkgroups should NOT be submitted to the database- this, once again, is RR policy. This category is part of what the wiki is to be used for - researching unknown talkgroups that can't be submitted.

Please be careful when making changes like these. With the size of our wiki, you might be clobbering a lot more than a single template or category.

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