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Eton E5 Findings

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Aug 6, 2011
Tampa Florida
I've settled on a radio. As many of you know I have had many in a short amount of time.

I bought 2 Eton E5's on ebay recently for 54.00 free shipping (priority).

Sold one on ebay for 84.00 so the one I kept only cost me 20.00.

Build quality is great (These radio's are the same as the Grundig G5).

Noise level is low, selectivity is good.

The display is nice with a whitish blue LED, very nice.

I had pl 600, pl 660, and others; recently I had a DX 398; I felt the plastic was too cheap on the 398 and the SSB stunk.

This unit fits what I need it to do, remember these were not 500.00 radio's but they do the job well.

I had a Eton E1 and this unit is alot more quiet, I can dig out more signals with the E5.
Sep 24, 2005
Toronto, Canada
I have the G5, I don't think it scans through memory, you have to manually press your preset buttons to see it there is any activity. I now have an R75, it does scan through your memory presets.
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