GPS Performance, Old vs. New?

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Apr 24, 2008
Bloomington, IL
This is a bit specific, but I'm looking for someone who has used both the older BC-GPSK and newer BC-SGPS GPS units.

A little background. I've had a 396XT in my truck for YEARS, paired with a BC-GPSK. It worked fine on multiple cross country trips. Earlier this year I upgraded to a 325P2, and bought the appropriate cable to continue to use the BC-GPSK. It works ok most of the time, but sometimes it almost seems like the GPS lags or locks up. Today I noticed that it continued scanning something despite the fact I was about 10 miles outside the range I have set for it (and it's the city of Chicago, so there's just a wee bit of radio traffic), and it finally "woke up" and locked out that and a couple other things and realized where I was. Driving into the city was the opposite, it wouldn't unlock. When I turned the radio off and on again, it unlocked everything it should've. I have quite a bit programmed in but the memory isn't more than 50% full, no more than the 396 which always was a mile or so off but did ok. So my questions are twofold: 1. Would it help if I split everything into multiple quick keys, as opposed to having everything on about 2 (One quick key for state systems, one quick key for county systems. I scan a third quick key with statewide frequencies, not using GPS), and 2. Is there a noticeable performance difference in the BC-GPSK and BC-SGPS units, and would the BC-SGPS be more accurate?

Thanks in advance!
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