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Harris P7100 Programing question.

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Aug 15, 2014
Hello there. I read and understand the forum rules here. So here is my question for you guys. Im looking at purchasing one of these amazing radios on ebay to use with my local PD and FD. TO RECEIVE ONLY!! The county I live in is Henry, GA. They are on the EDACS PROVOICE SERVICE. With that said, I have two questions for you guys.

The first question is there anyone on here who would be willing to program this radio for me. Im NOT looking to spend $2500 on software to only program one radio as I will not use it but to listen. And if its even possible to do so LEGALY!.

The second question is there a way that my county can track who receive the frequencys and some how fry my new radio?

I hope I am within the guidelines of this forum. If not please politely let me know so I may fix it.
Thank you in advance.


Mar 26, 2010
Chris I cant speak to the programming question.

The disable command is sent to a specific radio ID so the administrators would have to know what LID (LOGical ID) youre using for the command to work. It doesnt "fry" the radio, it forces it to lock itself to the control channel, mute the speaker and not move from there until the radio is reporgrammed with a new ID or the enable command is sent out.

Your radio is going to need a LID programmed to work, the programming software will require it, and if the VALID user of the LID that gets put in your radio is disabled then you get hit with it also.

Im not a fan of duplicating LIDs on trunking systems, whether you never intend to TX or not, and would suggest you buy a scanner instead, just my opinion!
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Jan 12, 2011
Goofy585 is partly correct. Yes, you do need to program an LID in the radio even for receive only and without an authorized LID this is known as "ghosting." Ghosting LIDs is a little flakey as it can cause the system to malfunction if say two radios with the same LID show up on different talk groups and different locations. Even though you may set the radio to receive only, the radio will try to login whenever it is turned on or the system/talk group is changed. There is however an option to disable the auto login feature and you could take it even further by going into the maintenance tracking data and zeroing all the tx power and tx modulation values (but back them up first).

Sorry, I also cannot program it for you.
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