New Bexar County Fire Feed

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Jan 1, 2005
San Antonio, Texas
Eddie, annonymous feed providers are trendy these days it seems, ie no "contact broadcaster" icon.
In Bexar Co we have the SAFD and the newer Dec 13th SAPD feed with the much reduced # of TG's .
By "I would love to help them set it up" I'll bet you just wish the feed provider would just bust out a new
ProVoice upgraded Uniden 436/536 scanner and also feed all ProVoice BCFA TG's including FG's & Access.
In all practicality perhaps they might be able to add the other VHF BCFA Ops TAC3 153.7700 PL=156.7 conv channel.

For the previous SAPD & BCSO feed provider (The_Dog or John) it was a thankless job, never even a thanks reply for his years
of dedicated service to members while he was tying up 4 computers and 4 scanners and 10 GB a month of expensive bandwith
and not so much even a thank you by anyone following his post that he was having to take down his feed this last Dec 1st 2015 :(

I'm thinking most listeners are just glad there are folks that decide to step up to the plate to be a thoughtfull feed provider ;)
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