1. C

    SDRTrunk Sdrtrunk and control channels

    Hello. I'm new to scanning and newer to SDRs, but I do actually have 75% of it figured out. I know how to use sdr++, pdw, sdrtrunk, satsagen, dsd+, and all that stuff. After I figured out sdrtrunk, I discovered it was comical Ly easy to create a broadcastify calls node and a feed. So I did both...
  2. Devin_88

    North Myrtle Beach Ocean Rescue / Lifeguards Feed Request Horry County, SC

    Can someone in this area see about setting up a scanner feed for North Myrtle Beach Lifeguards? I don't live nearby to receive them and would enjoy listening to them with a scanner feed. Along with some other channels on that system like Myrtle Beach TGs and Airport Ground Operations would be nice.
  3. gothicjb

    Ruby Script for posting Uniden alpha tags

    I wasn't having any luck finding anything up to date and that was working well for pulling the alpha tags from Uniden scanners, so I wrote a ruby script to do it and push the alpha to my feed. This is tested with a Uniden BCD436HP connected to a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running darkice as a service In...
  4. RadioDitch

    PC Hardware For Broadcastify Feed

    Morning all, I'm very seriously considering putting a Broadcastify feed up for an area that currently has zero coverage. I'm curious as to what are everyone's opinions regarding the minimum CPU and RAM requirements for hosting a single feed? I imagine anything newer than a 4th Gen Intel i5 Quad...
  5. P

    Testing my Broadcast Have Problem Making A Change

    I started broadcasting Volusia County Public Safety , In my listing it was typed in as LE-5 in the description Page,,, Since I saw someone was already doing LE-5. I changed mine to LE-7 but having problems with the number 5 won't change to 7, any help please.. John
  6. KB3KBR

    NW PA Weather radio feed

    Hey all, I was hosting the weather feed for WWG53 out of Parker. I let it expire last year as the transmitter was off air and was going to be for quite a while. NWS just got it back on the air within the last couple months. Anyway I was wondering is there any interest in this and should I put...
  7. J

    Geographical Feed Location

    Hi all, Happy New Year. I was playing with the iOS Broadcastify app and was in a city within 5 miles of my home feed(s) city. I did a search of feeds nearest to my location (using iOS Location Services) and my two feeds did NOT show up in the list. It some that were nearby and a feed some 74...
  8. A

    Help setting up in Sarasota! $$$ for you!

    Hello, I am new to the forum and completely new to radios and trunking. I purchased a Uniden BCD996P2 to do some independent journalism and to no surprise, programming is a nightmare. I tried using freescan to program the settings straight from RR, but copy and paste is about as far as my...
  9. S

    Feeds loading but no Player

    I am using Chromium in Lubuntu 18.04. (Firefox was removed and replaced by Chromium by me). I click on the "play" button left of the feed description. In the HTML5 player says the stream disconnected while Java & Flash Players all show the present listener count. No player appears. It want's me...
  10. P

    IDOT Minutemen

    Hey all, Trying to get some info on the feed of the IDOT minutemen. Been listening all day on Broadcastify and haven't heard anything. Did the feed provider stop the feed? Did IDOT change the radio system? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks
  11. JulietAlphaKilo

    Fairfax County PD Online Feed/Archives

    For the past 24 hours this feed has been offline. There has been a ton of action in my AO during this same time-frame, but go figure the feed archives aren't available because of the downed status. Does anybody know what's going on with it?
  12. D

    feed line for vertical wire dipole

    i have a wire dipole that was used in an attic. I wish to use it as a vertical antenna hung from a tall tree. The previous owner said I would have no problems as long as I lead the feed line away from the lower antenna element. (so it runs at an angle to it rather than letting gravity take it...
  13. guilhermerrrr

    NYPD Manhattan - 17th, Midtown North/South feed - White noise

    Hello, I'm not sure this is the right place to report this problem, if someone informs me i'll be pleased. The feed NYPD Manhattan - 17th, Midtown North/South feed has a noise when there's no transmission, like the squelch is open. It's a little annoying, specially when using headphones. I...
  14. SamAltenberger

    Embedding Feed in a Webpage

    Greetings all, I noticed that the current method on Broadcastify for embedding a feed in an external webpage is to use an iFrame. Does anyone know if there are any alternative embedding options that resemble more of a "regular" website widget/code rather than just an embedded iFrame? Many thanks!
  15. E

    New Bexar County Fire Feed

    Hello, seeing if anyone knows who put up the new Bexar County Fire Feed, I would love to help them set it up, I am a firefighter here and i know alot of guys been wanting a feed up, thanks! Bexar County Fire Dispach - Live Audio Feed Web Player
  16. R

    PSR400 and PSR600 feed audio quality

    I have been a feed provider since about 2007 with one lapse in there changing up equipment. Never had an issue getting the feed in decent working order. But I have a slight issue that is killing me. Equipment list below. And this was an issue on another computer as well. I know there may...
  17. WX9RLT

    ADS-B Military Feed Sites?

    There any ADS-B military feed sites? I used to feed to millaircomms.com but that sites been down awhile. Is there any sites like that one?
  18. C

    HELP - Feed Offline/Feed Online emails

    I am getting automated emails stating my feed is offline, probably 20 a day. Then, within a few minutes I receive another stating the feed in back online after I have made no changes or even been in the office to touch the computer. Feed was working fine up until a few days ago when we had a...
  19. Deziel0495

    Re-broadcasting a private feed

    This question is more towards Lindsay or the live audio admins but feel free to discuss. There are a few live scanner feeds in my area self hosted by numerous people. They do not want or don't know how to broadcast using the Broadcastify platform. With their permission, is it against RR/BCFY...
  20. H

    feed provider audio change

    recently my police department went to mototrbo digital. So i built a discriminator output for the scanner. Problem now is that I have one pc running the decode and then i go into another computer to put the feed into the internet. Does anyone know if i can run these programs on 1 computer and...