New SmartRadio Tier III system?


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Sep 17, 2004
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I just arrived in Huntsville to visit my grandkids, as I do a few times a year. I quickly found two new TIII (MOT) sites, S8-4 and S8-5, that list each other as neighbors. They are using frequencies that are currently listed on Sites 1 and 2 of the SmartRadio Con+ system. Site S8-5 uses 463.925 which is listed on SmartRadio Site 2 (Harvest) but isn't being used there anymore. Site S8-4 uses 461.9875 which is listed on SmartRadio Site 1 (Huntsville) but isn't being used there anymore. I have better data for Site 1 and S8-4 because they are strong where I'm staying. I logged Site 1 for a long time, and all the listed frequencies are being heavily used except for 461.7625 (LCN 4, LSN 7-8) and 461.9875 (LCN 5, LSN 9-10). So I assume that 461.7625 has also been repurposed to this new TIII system. I haven't picked up any traffic on the new system, so it may not be in use yet. I wonder if it will be expanded and eventually replace the current SmartRadio system. Here are screenshots of my scanning of the old Site 1 and the new S8-4:

SmartRadio 1 Huntsville.jpg

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Jun 16, 2014
Thank you for sharing! A lot of the Huntsville-area data in the DB for the SmartRadio CON+ system was a result of work I did on that system when visiting the area a few years ago, so I appreciate you keeping an eye on it.

For what it is worth, there is no SmartRadio TIII control channel in Lee County, AL at this time -- only the CON+ site 25.