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Oct 16, 2016
Good morning to you ,
Greetings to system administrators, moderators, excuse my bad english.

At 60 I struggle to learn .. but sometimes use google translator ..: /
I am a 57 year old radio listener, Italian, who loves radio and passion to use any kind of software for decoding signals hf / v / UHF. Almost 40 years ago I began to be a member of Astalavista hack, but over time then things have changed and I 'remained the passion of Search new things and software for listening
In these years as well as to love the radio, i love mount the computer and have so much software, which often share.
I found your site, where I try to encode, but I also have a lot of stuff that maybe I would like to share. Trying new things
Also I was friends also Hambreaker few years ago.
Then unfortunately I had a heart attack and I stopped doing many things, but the passisone for w * rz since he was born.
I want to be a friend, even though my English is not 'perfect.
I hope to share even something.
Thank you if you accept me,
HJO wanted usar eun old name that I had when I was in irc servers and power as admin ........ today are like dead

I'm sorry you do not work and I had a heart attack by one year, with problems that are invalid. I'd love to download something to pass the time and share with you, I hope you can help me - I desire to see new programs that will help in my disability, not to think of all the misfortunes that I had and did not think about death. Bad life :/

I bought recently SDRPlay after a RTL2832U + R820T .-
Let's say that I'm satisfied and I have a nice list of frequencies that I update every now and after that I enjoyed to use wavcom .And other types-

I hope to have made a nice post in the right place, and I thank all


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Nov 3, 2004
Welcome, I have the SDRPlay too, but currently it's not connected. I'm lazy, I guess.
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