RF grounding


Apr 9, 2020
Hi All, First, I'm pretty much home-bound due to the virus so I've decided to buy a VHF/UHF mobile and begin to build out a station eventually upgrading and relocating the mobile to my car. But, I also plan to sell my house next spring so I do not want to mount an exterior antenna. I'm likely to buy a FTM-300 and a power supply real soon. My questions are related to grounding. Initially I will use a mobile mag mount antenna (since that's what I have) in my house to learn the radio... Do I need to do anything more than have a 1/4 ground plain for this type of antenna? Eventually I will likely by a Diamond x50a and place it upstairs in a spare bedroom (until I move). Do I need to ground this interior located antenna and/or coax to a grounding rod? If I do, will I create a ground loop if it doesn't go to the utility ground? As always, Thank you.


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Feb 28, 2019
No, you don't have to ground your indoor antenna, it's already grounded through the feedline. In most cases, thats true for outdoor antennas too. Your mag-mount antenna may be an exception to that 'grounding' thing, as in the metal the magnet is also used as -part- if the antenna, it's "other-half". Set that mag-mount on something metal, a metal desk, refrigerator, whatever. You wont have an absolutely fabulous antenna but it'll work...