RT SYSTEMS software...need help..need File for FT450

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Jun 11, 2017
San Antonio Texas
Guys...I am struggling to find HAM WEBSITES for help with DATA FILES. Need Help here...

I have an old...say 2008 or so Yeasu 450D and I need some files for my RT SYSTEMS software .... I live in Central Texas and am putting up a few antennas.. 6Ms up to 180Ms or so.... Does anybody have any RT SYSTEMS files they you can down load and send me? (just updated my RTS450 softeware from RTS)
I run RT software on my FT60, 7800 and 2800 and all work GREAT... easy sleazy to program and change. BUT... I just updated my 450D FTS software via internet and can paste and use what you send me. I lost my HF rig and all my amps, wire, radios and antennas in a fire TWO years ago and had the 450D in storage and am pulling things back out to get back up on HF... So...all my HF files, amps, wire, antennas, etc., are gone...VAMOS... and need some help to get back up on 6- 10- 15- 20-030-40-60-80-120- 160Ms... It will take some time as I am 'overseas' starting tomorrow (06-12-17) and will not be able to respond and say, "Thank You, my fellow hams". (will be offshore, Russia)

Any RT SYSTEMS files for RT Systems HF to -ptzswjop@outlook.com- would be much appreciated. If you list your 'monitor' freq I will call you when we are back up and running and say _Thank You_. I have no power...no antennas, ..no towers, one radio, no wire or coax, one 'burnt up amp' and a hand held mic-..so may take some 'months' to get back to you. Am 'rebuilding' an old Ameirton 811 and this too will take some time...All was lost in a lighting strike, fire, flood and tornado. How lucky can one HAM GET?

So guys...any RTS files that can work and open in my updated RTS 450 software file will be appreciated.
Thank you all....God Bless. KC9OHL
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