Stubborn BCD996XT P25 problem

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Dec 16, 2007
Morrisville NC
Trying to monitor the City of Durham, a P25 Phase 1 system. On the control channel the signal strength jumps around some but consistently has 4 to 5 bars yet the scanner will not hold on that channel. It jumps between NFM and the frequency. I have even deleted all other frequencies and the problem persists. A hand held BCD396XT sitting near works just fine. I am using an 800Mhz rear antenna on the BCD996XT, same one used on the 396XT. When on HOLD, the system / site ID is received.

I have tried the low pass filter. There is a 400MS delay, I have tried attenuation. Nothing seems to work. Even when it does lock on to a TG, the voice is broken and loud.

I am on firmware 1.07.03. I even reset the scanner and manually added the site and the results are the same. I have moved the scanner around the room with no change.

Have you any ideas to help?
Not open for further replies.