Submitting ham repeaters

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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
I know that it's a good idea to submit a link to a club, if there's one that's involved with a repeater. However from past experience I know that links aren't supposed to be put in the database (I should know...). As an alternative, these can be put into the wiki, in that state's page. If you look at the Maryland, Virginia or Delaware pages, you can see what I mean here. This would be a convienient one-stop spot for finding them. The coding required to do this is so simple, (to paraphrase a famous insurance commercial), even a caveman can do it . :wink:

To that end, however, some sort of navigation - perhaps a button - from the state's amateur radio listing to the state wiki article would be needed.

It kinda irks me that while it's stressed that the admins want a complete listing for a repeater, that no one has said anything about what that should look like. The wiki article that is linked in the submission process doesn't have any guidelines, and the example given there isn't totally relevant.

best regards...Mike
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