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TK-7180 Zone Names


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Jun 27, 2011
Chester County, PA
I’m curious if anybody knows if there’s a way to set up a TK-7180 that the Zone name appears when you click the zone up/down button and then goes away so you can see the channel name. I recently learned that it’s a pain to make happen on the TK-2312 but I was eventually able to figure it out.

I am normally a Motorola guy, but I’ve recently started dabbling with Kenwood. I know this function is common practice on many Motorola radios, but I’m not sure how to make it work on a Kenwood.


Apr 25, 2017
Optional Features and the first page first 3 options are about it. I don't have that software on my PC, but i do have KPG-111d which is for a similar radio. It has the same formfactor anyway.

It's in optional features for sure on that one too.

I would go try

Length: none
Sub LCD: Zone number
Display format: Ch/GID

Play around with those until you like it.

Ch/GID might be throwing you off? GID is just on there for being technically correct. For LTR trunking. it's a group ID not a channel. Like how Motorola calls it a talkgroup or on their older radios personality. even older they called channel's modes.


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Jan 10, 2003
Autauga County, Alabama
I'm going from memory, since I don't program my 7180 or 8180 that often, but I believe that if you set up the zone name length, it takes away from the length of the alpha tag you can place on a channel.

I try to keep the maximum length possible for channel alpha tags. What I do is to put a dummy frequency in the first channel of each zone. The alpha tag for that frequency has the zone name, like "Autauga County" or "Dallas County." That way I see it when I'm scrolling through zones and know immediately what the zone is.


Mar 14, 2004

I set my zones for length of 4, and use the remainder for channel name.

If you look at the zone pages independantly, my channels are all "PD Disp, FD Disp, Fire PD, Pub Wrks" and it might be a tad confusing if you don't know what you're looking for...but the zone info is prepended for each one in the radio. Inelegant, but effective. As you scroll zones, the first 4 letters don't change - but the channels after it scroll as you zone up/zone down.

As i have run moto & kenwood side by side for 20+ years now, this is the price I pay.


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Jul 14, 2002
Not to jump the thread, but as you migrate to the NX-3000 or 5000 series of radios, the zone name will display above the channel name.

The nx-1000 series will zone name display on zone change, then revert to channel name like the older series of radios.

The x180 and 2x12 series are on the chop block. so finding spares will come to a slow close.


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Dec 5, 2008
Calif Whine Country
My NX radios do what you want to do by clicking on the box Zone Name Display in Optional Features. KPG-89D however lacks this feature. So what was mentioned above is all you can do.