TRX-1 crosspatch bug?

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Apr 2, 2010
Beaverton, OR
I was comparing my TRX-1 (uP VU4.1, DSP build 94) with my Uniden BCD325P2 this morning, and noticed a possible cross patch support bug in the Whistler firmware.

During the early morning hours in my area, the dispatch agency for the local public safety agencies cross-patch two or three different talkgroups. This can be seen and verified using something like Unitrunker on the control channel.

Some of the older Uniden Trunktrackers do not properly support crosspatching, resutling in missed calls if the scanner is scanning, say, talkgroup A, and the dispatcher is transmitting on talkgroup B with the XP bits set on talkgroup B. The newer Unidens properly receive the crosspatched transmissions.

I noticed that my TRX-1 was not receiving the crosspatched transmissions while my '325P2 was.

I do have the "MOT Status Bits" parameter set to "Ignore", which I expect to allow reception/tracking of crosspatched talkgroups.

Anyone else notice this?
Not open for further replies.