What are Console Patches. And some of these talkgroups for

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Jan 14, 2008
corpus christi
What are the Console Patches/Regrouping and Dispatch Console 6 used for? I hear them alot, and their talkgroups are not in the Law Enforcement Section.
They are in the Misc and Patches talkgroups.

Near the bottom.

Also, what are these?
1265 09-141 CO WIDE1 Common Law Enforcement
1266 09-142 CO WIDE2 Common Law Enforcement
1267 09-143 CO WIDE3 Common Law Enforcement
1268 09-144 CO WIDE4 Common Law Enforcement
1273 09-151 NTRCITY1 Intercity Ch-1 (All unit have this channel
1274 09-152 NTRCITY2 Intercity Ch-2 (All unit have this channel
1275 09-153 NTRCITY3 Intercity Ch-3 (All unit have this channel

They are not in the Law Enforce. Section.

How come I can pick up
1553 12-021 A RBSTN-1 Robstown Police Department link (on the Robstown site only Law Dispatch
1554 12-022 A RBSTN-2 Robstown Police primary group (Robstown site only Law Dispatch
those talkgroups when I only have the freqs. for Shoreline put in?

If I put in the same talkgroups for Flour Bluff, and Robstown, will they all be the same as on whats in Shoreline? Bravo Units is in Flour Bluff, but I can pick their talkgroup up programed in the shoreline freqs.

1649 12-141 A PORTLAND 1 Patch to Portland PD VHF 155.190 Law Dispatch
1650 12-142 A PORTLAND 2 Portland PD Channel 2 Law Talk
1651 12-143 A PORTLAND 3 Portland Police? Law Talk

How does Portland 1 work with Patch to Portland PD VHF 155.190

Is Portland 1 Dispatch to officers
Portland 2 and 3 Officers to Officers / Officers to Dispatch

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Jul 18, 2005
New Braunfels, TX
-> These are comments from RR contributors.
-> Common/Shared are TGIDs that can connect widely dispersed units. TGIDs and channels like these are usually grouped separately in the RR database
-> All radios are programmed NTERCITY1-3; they may or may not be programmed for CO WIDE 1-4.
-> I do not think that for CC TGIDS are unique to each site; but that all sites can pick up all TGIDs.
-> Did you lock out unprogrammed talkgroups in your scanner. Think about putting Robstown TGIDs with the Robstown site and locking out unprogrammed TGIDs.
-> Portland 1 sounds like the primary dispatch that's simulcast to 155.1900
-> Portland 2 sounds like a talkaround or TAC channel
-> Portland 3 sounds like a talkaround or TAC channel
-> All channels are monitored by dispatch; but all dispatches should go out on Portland 1
-> Won't be unusual for the dispatcher to tell officers on an extended call to take their traffic to "2 or 3" to clear the dispatch channel
-> Think that officers nor their radios won't scan as much as scanners do; they'll stay locked on their primary channel and maybe their assigned TAC channels and need to manually change channels.

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Feb 24, 2001
EDACS systems (and Motorola) use Patches to Conventional repeaters, More so they use gateways, but Also are Patched, Cross-Banded, In-band relayed ect. EDACS is wonderful for allowing patches. 15-157 is a Common Internal patch widely used on EDACS.

Patches are an easy method of allowing users access to other systems without having to install or purchase more equipment in vehicles.

Also, on Uniden scanners the listener has the ability to search wider and discover hidden "patches" in use. Agency Fleet and Sub-Fleet searches can reveal much on EDACS radio systems. Additionally, Uniden scanners allow for I-Call scanning which most R/S scanners can't hear.

Suggestion: Google EDACS, and read about EDACS systems. this is a very educational experience and will answer many of your questions.
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