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Aug 11, 2015

I have been searching on the uniden forum and others to answer my questions, no luck. I'm looking for a good (discrete, within the vehicle) mobile antenna, wideband 30-1000Mhz. I have had a lot of static while testing the frequencies I put in indoors, even more on the road. Hoping that a better antenna may be the cure.

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May 19, 2006
Newport, PA
Something that is going to receive that wide of a frequency range really isn't going to be discreet. You can try one of those suction cup mount wire antennas, but I have no idea how good they would be...especially if the windows are such that block UV (that also blocks radio signals). Here are links to 2.


Workman Scan4 Scanner Antenna SC1

Why not try a glass mount antenna like the Tram 1199? I have one and it does decent on most bands. Or, you could drill and use an NMO mount antenna and take it off when not in use. Just a few thoughts.

Why the need to be "discreet"?
Nov 1, 2005
JoCo, KS (SoDak native)
inside car antenna

1- mount a 19in whip on rear window "tray" (I've had good luck with this)

2- AS (and others) made an antenna adapter that you plugged inline with your AM/FM antenna and had a second coax to a scanner. Usually not rated for 700-800MHz

3- Use the 1/4 in aluminum tape that they use for alarming windows to "make" an inside the glass antenna
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