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BCT15X: Volume Disable Option?

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Apr 23, 2011
Good Morning All,

Quick question for all you scanner aficionados. We have a BCT15x in the common room of the firehouse. We would like to keep the privilege open for channel, squelch, lockout adjustments and physical display of the screen. We are often finding the volume turned down to the point you cannot hear anything until we finally realize later on during the day. We would like to have the volume permanently set and disabled for future adjustment.

Is this possible? Any tricks or hacks? Wire Snip?


Apr 3, 2008
Port Charlotte FL
another sound amp

use the speaker out on another amplifier to double the odds of it being turned down.
better than crazy glue.
thumb tacks with the points out could help, this is what i would do if it were my kids doing it. just ask them.
Nov 12, 2002
You could add the external amplified speaker, then move the volume control inside the speaker.

This also might work: Set all the channels to the maximum positive volume offset. That would at least establish a low volume point which it would not go below.

Last, there is nothing wrong with a warning sign on the unit to not turn it down.

Maybe something like: We don't send you in burning structures with the air drained from your SCBA - don't drain the volume from this scanner so we can hear what is going on.

Removing the volume knob also might help keep fingers off. (it just pulls off)
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