1. cowand

    Antenex Tuf Duck Portable Antenna / Uniden 396XT

    I received my 800-866 MHz, 4 inch Antenex Tuf Duck Portable Antenna for my 396XT this morning. I first saw this antenna on Scanner Master, so I logged on Tessco and ordered it. I removed the gaudy Radio Shack antenna, with adapter, and screwed on the Antenex and subsequently lost all 800MHz...
  2. D

    Fire Tone-out issues? 396XT

    I have a BR330T and a 396XT. The 330T works great with FTO on a local fire dept frequency. I programmed the 396XT (by hand) with the same information and it does not work correctly. Modulation modes, frequencies, etc. are identical...but the 396XT just doesn't catch the tones. When I put it...
  3. D

    396XT Priority Mode problem

    I'm having a problem with the 396XT and Priority Mode. On the 396XT you can change the Priority Scan Interval to something other than 2 seconds. This is a great feature. The problem is changing the interval seems to have no effect when a trunk group is being scanned. If you have an analog...
  4. D

    396XT Quick Tips

    I thought it would be good to have a sticky thread with quick tips about using the 396XT. No requests or long discussions in this thread, just "here's how you do this on the 396XT". I've been finding all sorts of little tricks that aren't obvious from the sparse documentation, and it would be...