1. johnnyelectron

    396XT replaced by 396T issues

    Yeah, I know, I moved backwards. The 396XT worked without issues until it disappeared. Bought a 396T, thinking it would be a breeze to program with the control channels=WRONG. No dice. No audio. I can only assume it's because the 396T was 'born' before the XT? Can the 396T do 700MHz and do I...
  2. johnnyelectron

    Lucas/NW & MARCS reband 396T

    Hello, had a working 396XT on Lucas/NW Ohio simulcast and on the Toledo MARCS site. 396XT downgrade, replaced by 396T Uniden. Control Channel programming a non-starter on MARCS or on Lucas County simulcast on the 396T. Is there a specific "Bandplan" template that I need to program in addition to...
  3. K

    Uniden bcd396xt "charge off" problem

    My Uniden BCD396XT has apparently developed a problem where the display reads "charge off" when connected to its power supply and in the off mode. The switch in the battery compartment is properly in the NiMH mode and not in the alkaline battery mode. Any thoughts ?
  4. P

    396XT versus SDS 100

    I live in Montgomery County, PA and listen to police, fire, and ems. I listen to Philly police, fire, and ems as well. I have had a 396XT for several years and still hear a lot from both counties updating it every so often. Maybe I am uninformed, but if I purchased a SDS 100 would I hear a...
  5. V

    Antenna question

    Are the OEM antenna's that come with the BCD436HP and the BCD396XT the same? I know they look alike, but wanted to be sure they are the same. There is actually a method to my question but won't bore you with the explanation. Many thanks.
  6. S

    396XT and Motorola Type II Not Working

    Hello, In the past, I've had great success with programming a P25 system (Fairfax Co, VA). Now I am trying to program Montgomery County, PA's EMS system which is a Motorola Type II. Site Database: Montgomery County PA Trunking System, Various, Pennsylvania - Scanner Frequencies I use...
  7. W2IRT

    Multiple scanner profiles?

    Hi all, I now own a BCD996xt and a 396xt, both of which I program with Freescan. I use more or less the same codeplug in both radios (with subtle changes), but I would like to set general options for the radio slightly differently. I cannot seem to find any way to set up profiles on a per-radio...
  8. R

    : 49 mghz and FM BROADCAST BAND freqs

    Howdy, I want to program my 396xt with 49 megahertz frequencies and the FM Broadcast band using FREESCAN. When I attempt any type of CONVENTIONAL DOWNLOAD IN FREESCAN I cannot find these portions of the spectrum. Is there any way This can be done in FREESCAN.? Thanks in advance!
  9. P

    Butel Arc xt basic windows 8.1

    Can I put the ARCXT basic software from Butel for my 396xt on my new Windows 8.1 computer? It looks like it does not support windows 8.1. If not is there any plans for that software to be compatible in the near future? Thanks
  10. M

    396XT Issue

    Hi. My new 396xt seems to revert to scanning EVERY band after scanning my programmed channels and I can't figure out how to go back to scanning (instead of searching bands) or to stop this. I'm not sure if this is a system or what. The text is '-1' and then it goes from around 30-40, 130, 450...
  11. S

    396XT in vehicle using FM transmitter

    I was wondering if I could power up both the scanner and FM transmitter using cigarette adapter. The reason I want to do this is of course to save battery power. But was just concerned if such setup would damage the radio and FM transmitter. Just curious if such setup is safe. Transmitter...
  12. B

    396xt Cable Question

    Can anyone show/tell what the 396xt cable looks like? I think I bought the one from Scanner Master. My problem is, it got misplaced. I found a usb cable that fits it, but my computer doesn't recognize it and assign a COM port, so I am not sure if I got the right cable or not.
  13. D

    bcd396xt set up

    1.what programs should i DL to program my scanner? free and paid for (best ones?) 2.and how come i cant find the lcal police the RNC on radioref? the freq's for the local RNC anr nt there. and 3.when i went to the local HQ of the RNC and i turned on the Close call it did not decode the RNC.
  14. D

    uniden bc396xt problems / delay help please

    I have a uniden bearcat scanner 396xt that I need help with. I noticed the other day when I had my scanner next to another scanner a cheap radioshack model that mine would not open the squelch or find a conversation on analog channels for about 2-4 seconds after the other scanner started.The...
  15. spectr17

    WX alert. How to program it in with Freescan?

    I have the SAME number for my county. The input fields are: SAME Group Name FIPS1 FIPS2 FIPS3 Also do you check any of the 3 boxes? Weather alert, attenuater, record? Delay. 1 to 5? Thanks
  16. C


    I have a BCD396xt and a question about the remote head. Is it possible to use use the BC-RH96 remote head and a attached GPS? I have read the user manuals for both and from what I can tell they both use the serial programming port. This would led me to believe that you cannot use them both...
  17. Z

    Livingston County & 396XT

    Wondering if someone can help me out. I got a 396XT scanner and I used ProScan to set it up. I have the one "Site" which is Howell. I then added the livingston county FD/PD trunk groups. I can hear most if not all of the FD/PD stuff in Livingston County. The problem is that I am also getting...
  18. P

    question about weather

    I have learned a good deal about programming my 396XT by reading and mostly trial and error. One thing I have not been able to find. How do I get fast access to my weather channel without going thru the menu and doing weather search? Isn't there a way to assign a quick key or something? I also...
  19. P

    outside antenna for a BCD396XT?

    Looking for some sort of outside antenna for my 396 to help me pull in broadcasts from about 30 miles away. They are mainly on the 400-800 bands Currently they will not hold squelch most of the time so i am hoping that is my issue Any help is appreciated Dan
  20. M

    Stearns Fire Tone-Out Wiki Additions

    I've been working on Fire Tones for Stearns County over the last couple of days. I added updated tones for Avon, Sartell, and Melrose Ambulance to the wiki page. They are all confirmed using the tone-out feature on my 396XT. I don't know why Avon and Sartell have new tones. I only heard...