1. P

    Question about frequency storing for one simulcast tower

    Hello, I am soon getting my BCD996P2 scanner and I plan to build a Yagi antenna for 800 mhz to listen to local police, fire, etc. and point it towards one tower. On the RR database, it has all the frequencies for the towers for my county, do I need to program them all in or just the ones...
  2. N

    Signalplus 12dbi Omni-Directional 3.6'ft Antenna 824-960MHZ from Amazon. $89

    Signalplus 12dbi Omni-Directional Antenna 824-960MHZ-Outdoor LoRa Antenna 868mhz 915mhz for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint with 32ft SMA Cable...
  3. P

    toning P25 800mhz

    Can someone tell me if the below tones will work over P25 800 to alert stations? Also, can someone recommend a good program to check tdma and fdma tones and a program to convert it into MIP5000 format? I have been told that P25 800 is only FDMA. Thank you! 375 562.5 375 343.75 656.25...
  4. PluckyPleco

    Handheld with 800MHz and NFM

    Would somebody please recommend a Uniden Handheld scanner that has 800MHz and NFM? Analog only is just fine, we're a bit backward here in California's second smallest county. Thanks, PP
  5. P

    LaPorte County

    LaPorte county recently went to the 800mhz frequencies. The ones posted on this site don't seem to be working or I hear garble voices. I've read that the simulcasting is creating issues for scanners. I have a PRO-96. Thanks
  6. J

    Motorola type 2 Analog question

    Hello when Programming a smartnet 800mhz radios system into a apx7000 Do I have to check the Legacy transit box!?? Yes I am authorized to talk on the system.And it’s a analog. Thank you
  7. Buttabean

    Monitoring Public Safety In Forest Park Georgia

    Ive recently received the radios (Whistler TRX-1/Whistler WS1025) in the photo as gifts for bday & christmas and requested programming of fulton cty/City of atlanta public safety (Which wasnt programmed correctly) and upon receiving the scanner i downloaded fulton cty & city of atlanta systems...
  8. A

    p25 800mhz antenna and setup HELP

    Im in the heart of carrollton ga i want to relay city pd and county pd and fire i have a tx-1 on the way. Got 100 ft run of rg6 to bnc on radio hd tv antenna (See pic) on top of house pointed at nearest p25 tower 5 miles away... feeding signal....no splitters just barrel connectors and grounding...
  9. H

    Indoor antenna suggestions advise 800mhz

    Any suggestions on a different type indoor antenna that would pull things in abit better for me. I am able to pickup the Harris Co,* Texas Huffman Tower just great but the Humble Tower is very hit and miss for me depending on where I have my radio in the house. Interior middle part of the house...
  10. R

    Problems with Simulcast

    Hello everyone, I have a whistler WS1080 scanner and it's scanning on P25 Phase I trunked in the 800mhz band. I works just fine next to the windows in the kitchen and if I'm out in the car, but it will NOT work in my bedroom on the dresser or by the window in there. I'm trying to figure out...
  11. Greedo25

    Kent County will borrow $25 million to fund police radio upgrades

    News article just crossed the wires: Kent County will borrow $25 million to fund police radio upgrades | MLive.com Kent county planning to convert to APCO25 over the next 2-3 years. -Greedo
  12. E

    SDR Dongle / Antenna Question

    I recently purchased a NooElec Dongle from Amazon and have been playing around with it using the included antenna. My goal has been to pick up 800Mhz Motorola Trunked Radio from my State Police agency, which I have done. I am using Unitrunker and carefully watch my RSSI. Currently, I am...
  13. R

    Transitioning to digital

    Hello, A couple of years ago my state of Michigan upgraded to 800 MHz digital radios. I'm alittle late to the party and have recently been looking to buy a new scanner to listen to. I was wondering if I could get some help on what type of scanner I need to buy...any radio that is digital and...
  14. koz303

    which discone will recieve 800 mhz

    i know that discone antennas not really made for 858.000, have any of you guys had luck with a discone. recieve a 800 mhz edacs system from about 20 miles away? i have denver sitting in between me and antenna site. or can you recommend an antenna , only can have one coax line coming into house...
  15. T

    XTS 5000 Radio Systems

    Is a XTS 5000 800MHz capable of monitoring the following systems all on one radio? And is it possible to program Channel 1 for a certain talk group etc? Toronto Old - https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=738 Toronto New - https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=7995 Peel New -...
  16. F

    Need a little of advice?

    So I currently have the BCD436HP with the RS800 antenna. I am usually listening while I am at home so I would like to set up something in our 2 1/2 story attic. How far can I pick stuff up? 50 miles? 150 miles? 200 miles? Could I have some suggestions that work well with the 436 in an attic? Id...
  17. marksroberson

    XTS3000 800MHZ

    I have a XTS3000 800Mhz type 3 and I cannot listen to digital radio traffic without having to hold down the monitor button, because I cant change the trunking system options. I put the control channels on the conventional personalities and put it on mixed recieved mode, but all it does is blink...
  18. K

    July 2014 Skip Log

    7/1/14 Pro-197 VHF/UHF Laird UHF 1/4 wave mag mount antenna UHF: 453.375 RM 103.5 PL Bridgeton MO police dispatch 460.450 RM 162.2 PL St.Ann MO police dispatch VHF: 169.650 RM MOSWIN Or Federal? Reapter P25 (Some ENC) 163.625 RM INS Reapter
  19. M

    Metro Nashville

    I lost the ability to pick up MNPD or NFD on my mobile this week. I can manually pick up a channel but it won't single out a transmission from the Scan bank. Did the whole system go Encrypted today? Or did some control channels change? Anyone else having similar issues?
  20. NFR85

    BCD436HP Antenna

    I was wondering what type of antenna is used for this radio? I'm in area with 800MHz and wanted to upgrade it but I don't know the name of it. Looks like you screw it in by twisting it in. Thank You